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Akame ga Kill!

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Season 1 Episode 3 | TV-MA | Premiere: 7/20/2014

Kill the Grudge

Tatsumi training with Mine next (in spite of their first meeting being less than friendly!). A new job comes up, causing them to put aside their differences and work together.

Akame ga Kill!

Season 1 | 24 Episodes

E1 | Kill the Darkness

Tatsumi and friends go to the Imperial Capital to aid their village. After being conned by an alluring blonde, a stranger offers shelter for the night, but hardship follows...

E2 | Kill Authority

Tatsumi is introduced to Night Raid's members and agrees to join. With Akame tasked to train him, Tatsumi ends up stuck with intense kitchen duties until his first assignment.

E3 | Kill the Grudge

Tatsumi training with Mine next (in spite of their first meeting being less than friendly!). A new job comes up, causing them to put aside their differences and work together.

E4 | Kill the Imperial Arm Users

Tatsumi learns of Imperial Arms, wanting one of his own. Night Raid is assigned to eliminate Zank the Executioner, whose hobbies include cutting the heads off of his victims.

E5 | Kill the Dream

Sheele begins to mentor Tatsumi. After their strenuous session, he tests Zank's Imperial Arm for compatibility. On patrol with Leone, Tatsumi meets a strange Imperial officer.

E6 | Kill Absolute Justice

While on assignment in the Red Light District of the Capital, Mine and Sheele cross paths with a certain Imperial officer hungry for justice... and revenge.

E7 | Kill the Three Beasts - First Half -

General Esdeath returns to the Capital for a new mission. Mourning their loss, Night Raid is forced to move on. Imperial Arms users posing as Night Raid kill politicians.

E8 | Kill the Three Beasts - Second Half -

General Liver reveals himself as part of the Three Beasts. Bulat's strength and undying resolve will have to be pushed to the limit to defeat his former mentor and friend.

E9 | Kill the Lust for Combat

Tatsumi and Lubbock undergo rigorous training to hone their bodies and minds. Esdeath holds a tournament to find the next Imperial Arms user for her new group, the Jaegers.

E10 | Kill the Seduction

Tatsumi studies each Jaeger following his capture while trying to keep a lustful Esdeath at bay. A failed attempt to turn her to his cause creates uncontrollable waves.

E11 | Kill the Mad Scientist

Dr. Stylish carries out a surprise attack on Night Raid. With his experiments running amok, more Imperial Arms users appear. Including a familiar pair of scissors...

E12 | Kill the New Recruits

Najenda introduces Susanoo and Chelsea as the newest members of Night Raid. Esdeath learns of Dr. Stylish's fate. A new danger lurks beneath the earth.

E13 | Kill the Hindrance

A new type of Danger Beast has emerged, killing and eating all in its path. While the Jaegers hunt them down, Night Raid decides to aid the Capital for the greater good.

E14 | Kill the Giant Dangerous Beast

Esdeath and Tatsumi get teleported to a desert island by an Imperial Arms user who can control space and time. While trying to find an escape, Esdeath reveals her past.

E15 | Kill the Religion

Najenda announces a full-fledged attack on the Capital. Night Raid splits into two groups to draw the Jaegers out of the city in hopes to leave the real target exposed within.

E16 | Kill the Dolls

Kurome's Imperial Arm allows her to control the last eight victims of her blade as puppets. Dispatching her army of the dead, Night Raid faces their toughest challenge yet.

E17 | Kill the Curse

Chelsea goes on the hunt to finish off Kurome once and for all. Kurome reminisces about her sister and how they got to this point in their lives.

E18 | Kill the Demons

Night Raid enters the city of Kyoroch, headquarters for Path of Peace. The Jaegers are ordered to protect Borick. The Four Rakshasa Demons attack. Two of which ambush Lubbock.

E19 | Kill Fate

Night Raid enter the palace during Path of Peace's anniversary festival. Mine and Tatsumi do battle with Seryu and the last Rakshasa demon while the others hunt down Borick.

E20 | Kill Pandemonium

The Minister introduces his son Syura as the leader of a new elite unit. Lubbock and Tatsumi look for weaknesses on the streets while Mine and Leone do the same underground.

E21 | Kill Despair

Esdeath gives Tatsumi an ultimatum: Join her, or die by her hand. The remaining members of Night Raid launch an emergency mission to rescue their captured ally from execution.

E22 | Kill the Little Sister

With the Imperial City surrounded by the rebel faction, Kurome sends a message to Akame. The time for their final duel is at hand, and only one of them will walk away alive.

E23 | Kill the Emperor

Having no other option, the child emperor unleashes the ultimate Imperial Arm. With the destruction of the Capital city imminent, Night Raid attacks.

E24 | Akame ga Kill!

With the Empire fallen, Esdeath refuses to surrender. Having no choice but to fight for her fallen allies, Akame must finish off the last surviving remnant of the old regime.



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