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A Little Snow Fairy Sugar

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Season 1 Episode 11 | TV-PG | Premiere: 12/11/2001

My Favorite Piano

Saga can't understand why Vincent acts so oddly around her, and she thinks his piano playing is disgraceful. Sugar and her friends try to find out if he can really see them.

A Little Snow Fairy Sugar

Season 1 | 24 Episodes

E1 | Saga Meets Sugar

Saga is living an ordinary life. She likes things organized and quiet. However, the tiny creature she just met is a fairy! Her life is about to be a little less ordinary.

E2 | An Itsy-Bitsy Roommate

Sugar goes to school with Saga to learn more about the human world, but keeps getting Saga in trouble. Two other fairies, Salt and Pepper, join Sugar and cause a ruckus.

E3 | Twinkle-Twinkle, Comfy-Warm, Puffy-Fluffy

In order to become full-fledged seasoned fairies, Sugar, Salt, and Pepper need to each find a "twinkle," though none of them know exactly what one is.

E4 | Where are the Twinkles?

The fairies refuse to give up on their search for "twinkles". A group of birds hint that they should try checking the school, but they find nothing except for more trouble.

E5 | The Elder Arrives!!

The fairy Elder comes to check on his apprentices and to get closer to the rain fairy, Ginger. His attempts to get her attention are hindered by questions about "twinkles".

E6 | I Couldn't Say Sorry

Sugar is always getting into trouble and on Saga's nerves, but this time she damages one of Saga's most important possessions while trying to clean up a mess.

E7 | Heart Joining Melody

It looks like Sugar and Saga's friendship is over for good. Even though they miss each other, both are too stubborn to apologize first.

E8 | The Shape of the Dreams

No one believes Phil the inventor when he says he will create an artificial aurora. Salt ends up becoming his assistant, even though she doesn't believe in Phil's abilities.

E9 | The Bear Pianist

The Hammond Theater group comes to town with the story of the Bear Pianist, a heart-warming play. One of the young actors, Vincent, makes a careless remark and upsets Saga.

E10 | A Backstage Happening

The fairies are curious and sneak backstage to watch the play. Of course, trouble quickly follows and they end up almost completely ruining the production.

E11 | My Favorite Piano

Saga can't understand why Vincent acts so oddly around her, and she thinks his piano playing is disgraceful. Sugar and her friends try to find out if he can really see them.

E12 | Goodbye, Mr. Bear

Everyone is surprised when Vincent asks Saga to play the piano in the last performance after he sprains his hand. Sugar supports Saga and helps her overcome her stage fright.

E13 | A Twinkle Found?

Sugar hasn't seemed to have found her "twinkle," but her magic flower has begun to bud. They take a trip to continue searching, but a completely different adventure awaits.

E14 | Pepper and The Dream of Mr. Turtle

Pepper lives in a vet clinic and meets Lancelot the turtle. Turtles are not meant to fly, but Lancelot still dreams of it. Pepper tries to help make his dream come true.

E15 | The Tiny Guest

A young, lively girl has come to stay with Grandmother Regina. She manages to exhaust Saga and even the energetic Sugar herself.

E16 | The Faraway Town's First Snow

The fairies take a trip to practice their magic and gain more experience. In a town where the first snow is late, Sugar gains the chance to live up to her late mother's image.

E17 | While Waiting For Sugar

Saga waits for Sugar and the other fairies to return from their trip. She learns that a storm has just hit an area where her friends must travel and it worries her greatly.

E18 | Festival! Waffo!

The traditional festival has come to Muhlenburg! Saga and Sugar join in the fun and games and have a very remarkable day.

E19 | One Memory For Two

Sugar's magical flower is set to bloom. While helping to clean after the festival, Sugar and Saga find that something is missing and must retrace their steps to find it.

E20 | The Vanished Promise

Saga goes to play her mother's piano with Sugar in tow, but she finds that it has been sold. Sugar helps Saga search for the piano.

E21 | The Lonely Two

After Saga finds her mother's piano, she decides to work overtime to buy it back and makes everyone worry about her.

E22 | I'm Sorry, Sugar

Saga keeps working to reclaim the piano with Sugar's help. Salt and Pepper tell Sugar that they found their "twinkles." Sugar is happy, but upset that she hasn't found hers.

E23 | Tiny Miracle at Muhlenburg

Saga's piano is about to be delivered by Greta and Luchino when things go awry and the piano is accidentally pushed down a hill.

E24 | I'm Right Over Here

Sugar finally learns what her "twinkle" is and the time comes for her to leave. Sugar and Saga say their final farewells, and Sugar's magical flower blooms beautifully.



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