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100 Sights of Ancient Cities

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Season 1 Episode 21 | TV-14 | Premiere: 9/5/2018

Episode 21

Reviving Tottori Lacquerware

100 Sights of Ancient Cities

Season 1 | 30 Episodes

E1 | Episode 01

Pursuit of Functional Beauty - Iwaigama Pottery of Tottori Prefecture - / Crafting Pottery for Everyday Use - Hosshoji-yaki Kaikegama Pottery in Yonago City.

E2 | Episode 02

The Vivid Contrast of Blue and White - Tsutsugaki Indigo Dyeing in Izumo - / Weaving Beauty with Bamboo - Bamboo Craft in Tottori -

E3 | Episode 03

Matching the woodgrain. -Paulownia Box Craft in Tottori- / Stone lantern in Izumo. -Devotion in the Kimachi Stone-

E4 | Episode 04

Wish upon a piece of wood. -Ganjidama in Tottori- / Echo of the smithy sound in the iron village. -Blacksmith in Yasugi-

E5 | Episode 05

Paper created over a thousand years ago. -Gampi Paper in Izumo Mingeishi Factory- / Izumo Kagura. Inheriting an ancient dance.

E6 | Episode 06

Conversation with a flame. -Folk craftsmanship still vital at Shussaigama Pottery- / Classic Sumo Wrestling of Oki. -Okinoshima-Cho, Shimane Prefecture-

E7 | Episode 07

Inheriting the traditional taste of Matsue. -Newly brewed sake preparation- / Nagashi-bina (floating hina dolls down a river) of Mochigase

E8 | Episode 08

Mastering the Beauty of Wood - Wakasa town, Tottori Prefecture - / Bringing Wood into Everyday Life - Furniture Crafting in Kurayoshi City-

E9 | Episode 09

For the healthy growth of boys. -Decorated talismanic mask in Shimane- / Inheriting umbrella dance. -Yokomakura, Tottori City-

E10 | Episode 10

Tradition and challenge coexist in Yakumonuri lacquering. -Yamamoto Shikki Ten in Matsue City- / Traditional craftsmanship in Tairyo-Bata. -Matsuda Somemono Ten in Yonago

E11 | Episode 11

Wooden Furniture Utilizing Natural Shapes - Yazu town, Tottori Prefecture - / Projecting the Sky - Glass Art in Hiezu village, Tottori -

E12 | Episode 12

Traditional paper umbrella with a double-ring. -Yodoegasa in Tottori- / Weaving the pattern. -Shimaibe Ori Weaving-

E13 | Episode 13

Pass a life to the future. -Doll craft in Yonago- / Traditional octopus-trap is still alive in Yodoe.

E14 | Episode 14

Summer in Sendai River. -Ayu (Sweet fish) cuisine in Tottori- / One of three most strange festivals handed down Hoki-Cho, Tottori Prefecture-

E15 | Episode 15

240 year old dance. -Enami Sanbaso in Tottori- / Road to the world connected by silver. -Iwami Ginzan Silver Mine in Ohda-

E16 | Episode 16

Half naked boys run around the fishing village in winter. -Tondou of Sakenotsu- / Dignity of the village official is still alive in Kadowaki residence. -Daisen-Cho Tottori Prefecture-

E17 | Episode 17

Kirin lion of Inaba -Hijiri Shrine in Tottori- / Standing for many generations. -National Treasure Matsue Castle-

E18 | Episode 18

Sekishu Washi (Japanese paper), a World Cultural Asset - Misumi Town, Hamada City -

E19 | Episode 19

Everlasting Resonance Connecting People -Dougyoretsu Parade in Matsue City-

E20 | Episode 20

Covered in Black Ink to Wish Sound Health -Sumitsuke Tondo of Katae in Matsue City-

E21 | Episode 21

Reviving Tottori Lacquerware

E22 | Episode 22

Preserving a 400-Year-Old Festival - Shiroyama Shrine Festival in Shikano Town, Tottori City -

E23 | Episode 23

Isshiki Kazari Decorations, the People's Pastime -Nanbu Town, Tottori Prefecture-

E24 | Episode 24

Island Festival with Galloping Horses - Gorei Festival at Tamawakasumikoto Shrine, Oki -

E25 | Episode 25

Summer Lights in the Sky - Yonago Gaina Manto -

E26 | Episode 26

Iwami Kagura - Japanese Mythology Told in Dance and Music -

E27 | Episode 27

The Morotabune ritual ~Two traditional boats competing against each other~

E28 | Episode 28

New year's festival at Izumo Taisha shrine praying a new year's happiness

E29 | Episode 29

A court dance that reaches the island for over 1,300 years

E30 | Episode 30

The God's line at "Daisen mountain" which lasts 1300 years



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