“Wasteful Days of High School Girls” Goofs Off on HIDIVE

It’s actually kind of impressive how Tanaka keeps finding new ways to stay entertained. If you need tips on how to conquer boredom, take notes every Friday starting July 5, 2019, at 13:30 UTC as you watch Tanaka and her friends waste time in the wackiest ways possible!

Our fellow students over at Sentai Filmworks have this to say about the series:

“Bored out of her skull, Tanaka decides to give her friends some rather quirky nicknames, but they aren’t going to take her unflattering descriptions lying down. Sakuchi (who got saddled with “Ota” due to her nerdy otaku tendencies) and Saginomiya (dubbed “Robo” thanks to her deadpan personality) decide to call Tanaka “Baka” — and honestly? This should give you a pretty good idea of the shenanigans these three get up to. They’re at the height of their youth and they’re utterly ridiculous, eagerly and hilariously wasting away their days as high school girls!”

Territory List

  • The United States & Canada (US, GU, PR, AS, MP, VI, CA, PW, FM, MH)
  • The United Kingdom (GB, AI, SH, BM, AQ, IO, VG, KY, FK, GI, MS, PN, TC, GS)
  • Ireland (IE)
  • Australia (AU)
  • New Zealand (NZ)
  • South Africa (ZA)
  • Netherlands (NL, AW, BQ, CW, SX)
  • Scandinavia (FI, SE, NO, DK, IS, GL, SY, FO)
  • Spain (ES)
  • Portugal (PT)
  • Central America (BZ, CR, SV, GT, HN, MX, NI, PA)
  • South America (AR, BO, BZ, BR, CL, CO, EC, FK, GF, GY, PY, PE, GS, SR, UY, VE)
  • Latin America (AR, BZ, BO, BR, CL, CO, CR, CU, DO, EC, SV, FK, GY, GP, GT, HT, HN, MQ, MX, NI, PA, PY, PR, BL, GS, MF, SR, UY, VE, GY, PE)

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(Updated 7/2/19 with territory information) 

(Updated 7/3/19 with a new time)


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