Try HIDIVE's NEW 14-Day Free Trial!

HIDIVE has extended its free trial to 14 days! In other words, that’s 336 hours you can spend devouring as much anime as you can — for FREE!

And did you notice that today is the 14th? It’s the 14th day and you get 14 free days, so we’re going to tell you about 14 ways you can enjoy your HIDIVE free trial (wow, that’s a lot of 14s). Buckle up!

  1. DUBCAST Episodes - enjoy dubbed versions of select simulcasts
  2. Home Video Editions - where you most likely to discover uncensored content
  3. Simulcasts - how you can keep up with Japan’s broadcasts
  4. Exclusive Titles - content you’ll only find on HIDIVE
  5. Subs & Dubs Library - no need to debate; watch whichever you prefer
  6. Customizable Subtitles - select the color you prefer to read
  7. HD Content - crystal clear anime just for you
  8. Live Chat while Streaming - watch and discuss with your friends in real time
  9. 3 Profiles - share your account with others
  10. 2 Simultaneous Streams - watch on multiple devices at once
  11. Custom Avatars - express yourself on HIDIVE
  12. Parental Controls - keep your viewing history private, and ensure any little ones don’t watch what you don’t want them to
  13. Yearly Subscription - more anime, and more money in your wallet
  14. Ad-free Video - because none of us like ads interrupting our anime

That’s a whole lot of stuff to explore and enjoy during a 14-day free trial! Looks like it’s time to dive in and get started, because with that much content and so many options to play with, you’ll need to take advantage of all 1,209,600 seconds of your trial.

Sign up today, and happy watching, y’all!


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