Watch Spring 2019 Anime with Spanish Subtitles on HIDIVE!

Did you know that we have anime with Spanish subtitles? It’s true! We’ve been busy adding a bunch of Spanish subs to our ever-expanding content library. Here’s some from our Spring 2019 lineup to watch!

Minor spoilers ahoy!

Fall in Love with Ao-chan Can’t Study!

A blushing Ao-chan and Takumi lock eyes with each other while Ao-chan's father photobombs.

Ao-chan has a VERY different idea of what romance is thanks to her dad, who writes erotic fiction for a living. As a result, she wants nothing to do with boys and vows to study as hard as she can to get as far away from her home as possible.

But she soon meets Kijima and has to deal with… feelings that she’s doing her best to deny. After all, everyone knows that boys are after one thing and one thing only. Kijima is no different.

According to Ao-chan, at least.

It turns out Kijima is a stand-up guy, which ends up driving the show’s humor since he subverts Ao-chan’s preconceived notions about love and attraction every time.

Achieve Enlightenment with NAMUAMIDABUTSU! -UTENA-

Close up of Taishakuten and Boten at a shrine.

When negative emotions manifest into rampaging monsters called vices, that means it’s a horrible day for everyone involved. Which brings us to two deities named Taishakuten and Boten.

The pair arrive on the mortal plane ready for a fight, but it turns out that vices don’t really attack all that often. On top of that, it’s been centuries since the last time Taishakuten and Boten were on Earth, so they have absolutely no idea what modern conveniences such as washing machines and grocery stores are.

But that’s not a big deal. We’re sure they’ll manage. Somehow.

Write Beautiful Poetry with Senryu Girl

Nanako smiles at the camera while holding up a senryu poem.

Who’s up for a romantic comedy so sweet that it’ll give you cavities? If you said yes, then sit back, relax, and enjoy Senryu Girl!

Nanako is a kind and quiet girl who has difficulty communicating with those around her. Especially with her crush, Eiji. So, what does she do?

Nanako communicates her thoughts and feelings through senryu poetry, which is really heartwarming when you think about it. Especially when Eiji knows about her communication issues and writes senryu poetry back to her despite having no talent for it whatsoever. What better way to spend their time in the Literature Club, right?

Engage with the PLOT of Why the Hell are You Here, Teacher!?

Mayu is embarrassed as Rin carries her on his back.

One of the most important things about a story is its PLOT, defined here as a sequence of events that make up the main part of a story. It has no other possible meaning associated with it. Nope. None at all.

Sometimes PLOT relies on coincidence. Other times, the PLOT actively goes out of its way to ensure that an inevitable outcome happens, because Why the Hell Else Would You Be Watching!?

If you want an engaging space opera or a character-driven drama, there are other anime out there that can fill your needs. But if you’re looking for PLOT, then you can’t go wrong with this series.

There’s Even More Anime with Spanish Subtitles on HIDIVE!

You didn’t think these 4 were the only anime with Spanish subtitles we had, did you? No way! This was only a small preview. Tune in next week when we post our second blog with even more Spanish-subtitled anime on HIDIVE!


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