Watch the Kampfer English Dub on HIDIVE!

High school can be a confusing time for everyone, but it’s especially confusing for Natsuru, who transforms into a girl and is forced to fight other Kampfers! Catch his magical girl (boy?) adventures with the Kampfer English dub every Thursday on HIDIVE starting May 16, 2019 at 17:00 UTC!

Our fellow fighters over at Sentai Filmworks have this to say about the series:

“Waking up as a girl might be some guys’ fantasies, but when the suddenly effeminized Natsuru is told that he’s a Kämpfer, one who fights other Kämpfers in female form, his life becomes a nightmare! Putting aside the obvious plumbing issues, Natsuru’s best friend has a crush on his new body. Not complex enough? His school has separate sections for boys and girls, so he's now double enrolled. Hormones and fists will fly as the new gender-bender defender must become a contender or die!”

Territory List

  • US & Canada ( US, GU, PR, AS, MP, VI, CA, PW, FM, MH )


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