HIDIVE Has a Question: Why the Hell are You Here, Teacher!? [UPDATED 4/12/19]

We thought our high school braces and haircuts were pretty bad, but it turns out we had it easy. How the hell is Ichiro Sato gonna handle his awkward high school life, we ask you!?

Tune in on Sunday, April 7th at 16:50 UTC and every Sunday after that to watch Why the Hell are You Here, Teacher!? and find out.

Our friends over at Sentai Filmworks have this to say about the series:

“Ichiro Sato is about as average as a student can get… except for his above-average ability to land himself in totally awkward, intensely risqué situations with his no-nonsense teacher, Kana Kojima! Ichiro has his hands full dealing with these steamy shenanigans and unexpected encounters in the most unlikely places. At least it can’t get any worse, right?”

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Edits: The streaming territory list has been updated for this title. 


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