Explore the Hakumei and Mikochi English Dub on HIDIVE

You’ve already followed the enchanting tale of Hakumei and Mikochi, but now you’ll get to do it all over again, this time with the ENGLISH DUB!

Come along with us every Monday starting March 18, 2019, at 17:00 UTC as we explore the woodlands with our friends! We don’t know about y’all, but we wouldn’t mind living in a forest if it meant having Hakumei and Mikochi by our sides.

Our fellow forest dwellers at Sentai Filmworks gave us a handy trailer and a synopsis for the series:

“While Hakumei is cheerful, outgoing and prefers to be outside, Mikochi is more introverted and prefers to stay indoors. These differences will set the tone for their friendship. They are just 9 centimeters tall, but these little fairies will have adventures riding on insects and birds, creating tools from the forest and living their normal lives. They’ll show us how day to day chores can be the biggest adventure in a small world full of wonders.”

Territory List

  • US & Canada (US, GU, PR, AS, MP, VI, CA, PW, FM, MH)
  • Australia (AU)
  • New Zealand (NZ)
  • UK (GB, AI, SH, BM, AQ, IO, VG, KY, FK, GI, MS, PN, TC, GS)
  • Ireland (IE)
  • South Africa (ZA)
  • Central America (BZ, CR, SV, GT, HN, MX, NI, PA)
  • South America (AR, BO, BZ, BR, CL, CO, EC, FK, GF, GY, PY, PE, GS, SR, UY, VE)


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