Melida, the young heir of the Angel family, seemingly has no magical talent in a world where mana governs prestige. Determined to remedy the embarrassment to their name, Melida’s family hires Kufa to tutor her in hopes that she possesses dormant abilities. What Melida doesn’t know is that Kufa is secretly a ruthless assassin under orders to eliminate her if she fails to manifest her mana. Fortunately, Kufa has an agenda of his own and is curious to see just how far Melida’s will can take her.

Director: Shannon Reed

ADR Engineers: Ricardo Contreras, Dave Lascoe


Kufa                       Gabriel Regojo

Melida                  Brittney Karbowski

Elise                       Juliet Simmons

Rosetti                  Avery Smithhart


Aimee                   Taylor Fono

Blancmange       Shelly Calene-Black

Cinscetta             Shelby Blocker

Father                   John Gremillion

Felgus                   Josh Morrison

Gin                         Michael Wronski

Grace                    Mai Le

Mao                       Maggie Flecknoe

Mido                     Hilary Haag

Momoze              Margaret McDonald

Myra                     Carolyn Medrano

Nerva                    Alyssa Marek

Nietzsche            Joanne Bonasso

Norma                  Jenna Malisheski

Othello                 Vicki Barosh

Sonia                     Alicia Beard

Yuffie                    Kelly Greenshield


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