HIDIVE Rewind: Anime NYC Edition

Ahoy there, HIDIVE fans! Who all made it to Anime NYC this year? If you did, did you happen to stop by our panels? We don’t know about you but we had a great time. At least, we think we did. That last night was kinda a blur after the third bar, and we’re not quite sure what the hell happened to Lenny. We couldn’t find him and he didn’t show up for our return flight.

We didn’t want to forget anything, so we ended up jotting down notes on paper napkins before things got too crazy. One of them was “IMPORTANT: Remember to write the recap blog”. Guess we should do that then.

*Clears throat*


Y’all have probably been wondering why HIDIVE only has one DUBCAST edition this season.

Well, guess what?! We were keeping a few things hush-hush, and now we’re ready to announce some big announcing announcements!


What do we want dubbed?! Tsurune! When do you want it?! You’re getting the first episode November 21, just before Thanksgiving! Woo!

“But HIDIVE, who will be voicing the characters,” you ask. Well, wonder no more! We’ve posted the cast reveal so take a look and see if you recognize any names!

Release the Spyce

God we love this show, especially the title. We can say things like “Release the DUBCAST (edition)” and it works!

When November 24th rolls around, you WILL NOT be getting a DUBCAST edition of Release the Spyce.

You’ll be getting four!

You heard us: We’re rolling out the DUBCAST edition for this series out in batches, so you’ll get four episodes to binge after Thanksgiving because when you’re recovering from your food coma, you might as well watch some anime! Who will be the cast members? We got you covered and released the cast reveal blog!

That about wraps things up and- Wait, hold on, there’s another paper napkin here. What does this one say...


Holy dragons, yes! We’re proud to announce that we’ve acquired our first title of the 2019 winter simulcast season! But we’re just getting warmed up! If you want to know more about this title, then stay tuned for upcoming details that we’ll share at a later date.

No more napkins, so that means that’s it for our announcements for this con! As for Lenny, we’re sure he’s fine. Probably. He’ll show up eventually. Maybe. Last time he disappeared, he showed up two weeks later with nothing but the clothes on his back, an epic beard, and tales of the best hole-in-the-walls in the tri-state area. That’s how we discovered the best Chinese take-out in Houston, so it’s all good.


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