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When Supernatural Battles Became Commonplace

Season 1

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When Supernatural Battles Became Commonplace

Season 1 | 12 Episodes

E1 | Change

The members of the literature club discover that they’ve been given powers! The club’s chunibyo, Jurai, is ecstatic to lead their mock battles until an actual threat appears.

E2 | Misconception

A misunderstanding leads Kudo to believe that she and Jurai are dating, much to the dismay of the other girls. Tomoyo and the girls urge him to set the situation straight.

E3 | Rendezvous Point

The club enjoys some time playing tennis… while using their powers! Jurai has a chance encounter with a stranger, a fellow chunibyo named Hajime.

E4 | Capricious Lady

Chifuyu declares that she wants to quit elementary school to be with them in high school. Her aunt reminds the club members that Chifuyu is still a child.

E5 | Sensitive Age

Jurai discovers Tomoyo’s dreams of becoming a writer and supports her as she enters a writing contest. Someone who sees them on their “date” questions her feelings for Jurai.

E6 | Vice Penalty

When Sayumi, the literature club president, comes down with a cold, Jurai pays her a visit at home. They ponder on the nature of their mysterious powers.

E7 | Juggernaut On

Hatoko confronts Jurai with a rant about how little she understands his chunibyo obsession. Hatoko runs off, and when she doesn’t return, the club worries for her safety.

E8 | Holmgang Battle

A secret organization realizes they’ve kidnapped the wrong girl, Hatoko. The club rushes to find her, and Jurai’s powers awaken a deadly evolution.

E9 | Girls Approach

Unrequited feelings abound as the girls recover from the gruesome remedy to Jurai’s awakened powers. Hatoko confronts Tomoyo about her own feelings for Jurai.

E10 | Fool's Labyrinth

Madoka attempts to sabotage Jurai and Chifuyu’s pool date. Later, the other girls, unbeknownst to each other, also take him to the same pool, but with similar intentions.

E11 | Cupid Error

Hatoko sees a beach trip as the perfect opportunity to grow closer to Jurai. But is taking relationship advice from a magazine really such a good idea?

E12 | Usual Days

With Chifuyu and Hatoko’s powers stolen, and Kudo possessed, Jurai implements his plan to save his friends using the terrifying effects of his “Dark and Dark of the End.”



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