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Wandaba Style

Season 1

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  • Versions: Home Video (TV-PG)
  • Audio: Japanese English
  • Subtitles: English

Wandaba Style

Season 1 | 12 Episodes

E1 | Begin Project

Mix Juice’s manager, Hanagata, needs to land a gig or they’ll all be in trouble. Wait, some kid is trying to go to the moon? And he’s rich? Hanagata suddenly has an idea...

E2 | Let’s Drink to H2CO3!

Bad news: Kiku #8 is about to crash land, and it’s up to Mix Juice to save her. Good news: Dr. Tsukumo has a plan to reach the moon via the power of carbonation!

E3 | Let’s Sing in the Stratosphere!

Sakura, Himawari, Ayame and Yuri are not happy after being stranded in space for days. Unfortunately, they arrive back home just in time for another of Dr. Tsukumo’s plans.

E4 | The Horror of 1600 Kilometers an Hour!

After that embarrassing fiasco, Mix Juice’s career in showbiz is over. Unless, of course, Dr. Tsukumo and Hanagata help them make it to the moon for a concert!

E5 | It’s the Power of Magnetism! It’s a Linear Gun!

Mix Juice find themselves in an amusement park where rides are prototype spacecraft, and they must compete against a rival band, Tri-Color, for a commercial spot!

E6 | Warp From a Slump!?

With Dr. Tsukumo out of commission, Mix Juice is left to their own devices. What do they do? Let’s just say that time travel is involved...

E7 | It’s Show Time

It’s only natural that Mix Juice requires new uniforms, especially since various daily hazards have damaged their old ones. Meanwhile, Hanagata finds himself in over his head.

E8 | Fly Me to the Moon

It’s a race against time to reach the moon before a rival does. As Mix Juice attempts to repay Dr. Tsukumo for all his efforts, Hanagata must solve a double booking or die.

E9 | Live or Life!?

Mix Juice’s dream is finally within their grasp! But why are they hesitating now that their chance at stardom is so close? And just what is Dr. Tsukumo’s mom up to?

E10 | Coming Back Alive

Wait, what do you mean this was just a one-way trip?! Surely this doesn’t mean everyone’s trapped on the moon now, right? RIGHT?!

E11 | Sachiko, Who Came From a Distant Planet

Mix Juice enjoys their big break and throws a party in celebration. Hanagata reluctantly attends, but he probably shouldn’t have left his new friend to their own devices...

E12 | Fantasies Surpass Science

Sachiko inspires Dr. Tsukumo. With his work complete, Hanagata leaves for greener pastures. But without him, Mix Juice soon falls to infighting.



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