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Waiting in the Summer OVA


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  • Versions: Home Video (TV-14)
  • Audio: English Japanese
  • Subtitles: English

Waiting in the Summer OVA


E1 | I can't, Senpai

Kaito Kirishima, a freshmen and filmmaker tests his new camera out only to meet a dark wind that leaves him dazed. The next day at school, he sees a new yet familiar face...

E2 | Together with Senpai...

Ichika explains her strange situation to Kaito's sister, Nanami. Wanting someone to take care of her brother in her absence, she allows Ichika to stay in their home.

E3 | Senpai says...

Dying of embarrassment over what happened the night before with Ichika, Kaito decides to skip class the next day. Worried, Kanna visits him, not realizing she's being filmed!

E4 | Senpai was Amazing

Things are awkward for Ichika and Kaito the next day, but they do their best to move forward... Until he gets picked up by a dark-haired woman and Ichika jumps to conclusions.

E5 | Senpai is the heroine

The first day of the movie shoot is finally here! Excitement and a little unease rises as Remon explains the plot... about an alien who comes to Earth and meets a young man.

E6 | Senpai has a rival

Thanks to Manami, the film heads to Okinawa where a reunion between Kaito and a childhood friend makes things uneasy for Ichika... especially when she claims he is her fiancé!

E7 | Senpai's feelings

The film crew playing hooky return to see the recording already started, only the mood has become awkward. Mio tries to protect Tetsuro from a ravenous Chiharu.

E8 | Senpai's Pinch

After Ichika enjoys her first festival with the others, Remon challenges their courage. Kanna tries to get closer to Kaito, until a stranger appears to shake things up!

E9 | Senpai...

With her secret finally out, Ichika begins to avoid Kaito. Thanks to Remon, Kaito begins to understand the tough spot the redhead is in. Kanna reveals a secret of her own.

E10 | Senpai and our...

Ichika and Kaito finally grow closer and become an item. The others reveal and adjust things of their own hearts. Filming resumes normally until an unexpected visitor appears!

E11 | Don't Go, Senpai

Emika tries to take her sister, Ichika back home before they cause even more problems for their planets. Kaito and friends try to prevent it, doing whatever they can to help.

E12 | Waiting there, in the summer

Ichika and Kaito continue their struggle to stay together with the help of some unexpected backup. In this race against time, can they find the place in her dreams? What then?

OVA | "In Our Last Summer in High School, We Await That Summer"

Kaito re-watches an old reel of film at his house, and he remembers that he created a "test film" to get his awkward friends used to being in front of a camera.



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