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Utano Princesama Revolutions

Season 3

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  • Versions: Broadcast Home Video (TV-14)
  • Audio: Japanese
  • Subtitles: English Portuguese Latin American Spanish

Utano Princesama Revolutions

Season 3 | 13 Episodes

E1 | The Dice are Cast

The cherry blossoms bloom around Saotome Academy as Haruka Nanami explores the grounds and encounters the guys, unaware that they’re all in for a revolutionary announcement.

E2 | Golden Star

STARISH and NIGHT QUARTET head to a resort to film for a variety TV show, and STARISH realizes that they have a lot to learn about being idols.

E3 | Emotional Life

The first Cross-Unit Project features a rock musical starring Otoya and Natsuki. Though enthusiastic, they're given roles that are difficult for them to grasp.

E4 | Innocent Wind

Natsuki and Syo team up with Mikaze to film a movie. The two STARISH members are impressed by Mikaze’s ability, but even such a perfect idol has his limits.

E5 | Code:T.V.U

Cross-Unit Project phase two is underway! Cecil, Ren and Syo are tasked with producing a smart phone commercial, but they’re having trouble compromising with each other.

E6 | Saintly Territory

Haruka’s next task is to compose a song for Camus to perform at the opening ceremony of Shining Tower. Can Haruka create music to inspire this chilly personality?

E7 | Only One

While working on his new solo song, Ranmaru progressively dedicates more of himself to QUARTET NIGHT. However, those around Ranmaru think he might be getting overworked.

E8 | Original Resonance

It’s Masato and Tokiya’s turn for the Cross-Unit project, and they’re under a lot of pressure. Haruka is once more composing, but the guys say they’ll write the lyrics first.


Reiji is a Shining example of the perfect idol! He steals the show and brightens everything, but there may be more to him than what he reveals.

E10 | Answer

QUARTET NIGHT is preparing for the Triple S opening artist screening concert, they head off on a trip with Haruka to create a "number one song that will make them shine."

E11 | Thank You

STARISH has attained great success but the Triple S auditions still seem unattainable. However, as the group reminisces, they realize something that may improve their chances.

E12 | Evolution Eve

STARISH’s revolution has triggered a revival in QUARTET NIGHT, and that catches Shining’s attention! If STARISH enters the Triple S, Haruka may be torn between the two bands.

E13 | Maji Love Revolutions

STARISH and QUARTET NIGHT battle it out at the Triple S entry showcase, but the end of the concert proves to be quite the spectacle indeed!



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