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Season 1

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  • Versions: Broadcast (TV-14)
  • Audio: English Japanese
  • Subtitles: English Latin American Spanish Portuguese


Season 1 | 13 Episodes

E1 | The Boy at the Kyudo Range

The spirit of kyudo burned within Minato until it was snuffed out. The first year of high school offers him a second chance with the kyudo club, but the past holds him back.

E2 | Snapping Point

10,000 bow shots is the stranger’s goal. The question: Why? The answer: Why not. While serendipity sparks Minato’s curiosity, Tomi aims to enter the club in a tournament.

E3 | The Moment They Met

Minato rediscovers his lost passion. He joins the kyudo club, and just in time since the other new members dropped out. But Kaito refuses to accept him as part of the team.

E4 | Off Target

Masa becomes the kyudo club’s new coach and,apparently, Minato isn’t the only one whose acquainted with him. What does Tomi mean by kyudo being a team sport?

E5 | A Returning Arrow

The boys of the kyudo club want to practice, but Masa has them doing chores instead. What does this have to do with learning how to shoot?

E6 | Why We Shoot

The upcoming midterms mean that all club activities are suspended for one week. Meanwhile, at another school, a different kyudo team prepares for the preliminary tournament.

E7 | Reunited, Reformed

The preliminaries have begun, and Kazemai High School’s debut match draws closer. Although on different teams, Shu and Minato have met before. What will their reunion be like?

E8 | Take Aim

It’s time for Kazemai to face Kirisaki on the archery range. Will Kazemai prove themselves to their rivals, or will the entire team choke on the field?

E9 | Unshown Hand

Mistakes were made, and lessons were learned. The kyudo club steadily improves, slowly but surely. To prepare for the upcoming tournament, they plan an outing for review.

E10 | Inseparable Hearts

Something is wrong. Seiya never showed up for school, the latest sign of his degrading demeanor. Can Minato help his friend, or are they not as close as he thought?

E11 | The Pain of an Offset Arrow

There are many reasons why a coach like Masa would pass down his skills to the next generation. Minato just never imagined that revenge would be one of them.

E12 | Five Arrows

Unexpected tragedy struck the kyudo club just before the competition. Now, the team must rally together and recover their morale. How will this affect their performance?

E13 | Irreplaceable

Their perseverance paid off, and Kazemai has made it to the finals. All they need to do to win is trust both themselves and each other.

OVA | For Better or Worse

There are many reasons why two rival teams would join forces. In the case of the Kazemai and Kirisaki kyudo teams, it’s to learn about a pop idol to help Masa!



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