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Try Knights

Season 1

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  • Versions: Home Video (TV-14)
  • Audio: Japanese
  • Subtitles: English

Try Knights

Season 1 | 12 Episodes

E1 | Moon and Sun

Riku gets more than he bargained for when he gives Akira a piece of unsolicited advice. 

E2 | Physical and Tactics

What’s more important in rugby? Brain or brawn? Riku and Akira butt heads over the issue.

E3 | Past and Future

Tori is pushing the team too hard and that could cause people to quit the team. Akira suggests talking to Seiichiro, the former rugby captain, for perspective.

E4 | Failure and Overcoming

The Soran rugby team expected a rematch against Sekirei only to face off against the reserve team instead. Just as Riku planned…

E5 | Defiance and Vows

The teams are at a stalemate, and the Sekirei team captain has had enough. The Crimson Emperor, Reo Asamiya, takes the field.

E6 | Refreshment and Conflict

Riku suggests a training camp to help the team improve.

E7 | Frenzy and Ambush

The prefectural qualifier for the national high school rugby football tournament has begun and Soran sets their sights on Sekirei.

E8 | Rugby and Chess

Players underestimate Kinosaka at their own peril. Both Riku and Akira find their respective rivals in Rinto and Shogo.

E9 | Pieces and Teammates

The semifinals have arrived and Soran faces off against Kinosaka, who proves themselves an equal match.

E10 | Soran and Sekirei

Riku and Rinto have a heart-to-heart after their match. Can they finally understand one another?

E11 | Confidence and Trust

Sekirei is the strongest team for a reason, but that doesn’t intimidate Soran. Riku faces off against his brother, determined to prove he belongs on the field.

E12 | Little Brother and Big Brother

Riku’s back in the game and a welcome reinforcement may just be what Soran needs to turn the tables against Sekirei.



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