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The World God Only Knows OVA


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  • Versions: Home Video (TV-14)
  • Audio: English
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The World God Only Knows OVA


OVA | "4 Girls and an Idol"

Chihiro puts together a rock band comprised of her and her friends Elsie, Ayumi and Miyako! The only problem is: they're awful.

E1 | Flower in Bloom

Keima and Elsie are rescued from bullies by Kusunoki Kasuga, captain of the girls' karate club. As she chastises Keima for being so weak, Elsie detects a spirit inside her.

OVA | "Reunion"

Keima would rather play video games all summer, but Elsie detects a spirit inside Tenri, a childhood friend he doesn't remember. Later, Keima catches the ire of a hunter.

E2 | Problem Solved by the Fist

Despite misgivings, Kusunoki continues on her date with Keima, hoping to bring out her feminine side.

OVA | "Chance Meeting"

Starting to recall his past with Tenri, Keima reflects on a beach trip with her 10 years ago, where disaster struck. Nora, the spirit hunter, continues her pursuit of Keima.

E3 | The District Chief Arrives

Elsie reunites with her classmate, the overachieving Haqua. Chief Docrow reports an evil spirit on the loose in their area.

OVA | "Magical Star Kanon 100%"

Elsie is denied an audition to co-star with Kanon and investigates the TV station instead -- discovering Kanon has been transformed into a little girl!

E4 | The District Chief Regains Her Honor

Keima suggests that Haqua should team up with Elsie, but she refuses -- and is then possessed by the spirit.

E5 | It Always Rains at the End of a Hard Journey

After learning there are 60,000 spirits still to be captured, Keima is depressed. One turns up in his friend Chihiro and he refuses to help, still angry over her teasing him.

E6 | 10% Chance of Rain

Keima learns that all the girls he helped still have remnants of their feelings for him. After discovering Chihiro's new crush, Keima devises a plan to help her win his heart.

E7 | Singing in the Rain

Chihiro has started to develop feelings for Keima, and calls off her initially planned confession to Yuta.

E8 | First Errand

Keima entrusts Elsie with what he considers a task most important -- purchasing a rare first edition of the dating sim game "Love Tears."

E9 | Year 2 Class B, Mr. Nagase

Jun Nagase is an idealistic new student teacher assigned to Keima's class. She quickly takes on Keima as a kind of pet project, believing him to be troubled and out of touch.

E10 | School * Wars

Keima's tactics aren't working on Jun, who continues to see him only as her student and not as an equal.

E11 | A Sun In Your Heart, Always

Jun winds up watching a wrestling match with Keima, where he brings up her role in the disbanding of the basketball team.

E12 | Summer Wars

Keima plays a game called "One Leaf," which he initially thinks is a bad game; however, its heroine fits his ideal perfectly, so he winds up enjoying the game at a slow pace.



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