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The Seven Heavenly Virtues

Season 1

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  • Subtitles: English

The Seven Heavenly Virtues

Season 1

Shorts | The Angels Descend

The Seven Heavenly Virtues have descended to Earth, and the Angel of Faith already found her Messiah. He goes with her willingly, but will he willingly fight the Devil?

Shorts | I'm Supporting You from the Shadows

The angel of patience tries to protect her candidate for Messiah, and her only enemies will be his lack of effort and nature's overpowering call.

Shorts | Special Dessert Training

Raphael, the angel of temperance, has descended upon an unsuspecting baker! With salacious enthusiasm, she makes it her mission to help him make the perfect dessert.

Shorts | Please Focus

The Angel of Diligence will do anything to help her candidate for Messiah to focus on his exams. The only problem is that she is the biggest distraction.

Shorts | Is this... alright?

The Messiah has fallen ill and The Angel of Charity, Metatron will do whatever it takes to cure him. Little does she know, that she is causing more harm than aid...

Shorts | No! That's Immoral!

Gabriel, the angel of chastity, has descended upon the earth. After becoming very upset with the Messiah, she makes it her mission to clean up his act!

Shorts | Good Job at Work Today!

The day-to-day life for the Messiah is proving to be exhausting but luckily the Angel of Kindness, Sariel has descended to offer support in the most stimulating way.

Shorts | Be Careful on Crowded Trains!

The girls get more than they bargained for after Raphael suggests to take a crowded train ride in efforts to learn about the human society.

Shorts | Training Together?!

The Seven Heavenly Virtues create a motivational training video for the Messiah.

Shorts | The Angels' Room

The girls discuss their Messiahs.



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