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Tayutama ~ Kiss on My Deity

Season 1

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  • Versions: Home Video (TV-14)
  • Audio: Japanese
  • Subtitles: English

Tayutama ~ Kiss on My Deity

Season 1 | 12 Episodes

E1 | Tayutai

While out on a school archaeological dig, Yuri Mito, heir to the Yachimata shrine, comes across a curious artifact - but even he's not ready for what happens next.

E2 | Mashiro's Place

Things escalate as Mashiro, the teenage incarnation of a Tayutai goddess, proclaims herself to be Yuri's wife!

E3 | Mashiro, All Alone

Mashiro successfully transfers into Sosei Academy's all-girls' Flawless department, but she finds herself isolated when it becomes clear she is anything but human.

E4 | Maiden's Worries

A mysterious intruder is breaking into the girls' dorm, and even Sosei student Mifuyu, who is an expert at the sword, is unable to stop this determined panty thief.

E5 | A Parting in the Rain

Mashiro comes to realize that Yuri's childhood friend Ameri has a crush on him. Meanwhile, Ameri becomes jealous of Mashiro and starts working up the courage to make her move!

E6 | Inseparable Couple

Everyone is in panic mode when Mifuyu calls Yuri and Mashiro to tell them something she's noticed: Yuri's stepsister Yumina has a Tayutai attached to her head.

E7 | Harmonious Couple

The Tayutai, Ho, that has "adopted" Yumina refuses to return to the side of fellow Tayutai Oh, even though the two are a pair that are not complete unless together.

E8 | Eyes Tainted with Temptation

Mashiro is exhausted following the drama between Ho and Oh, and Ameri takes Yuri into town to take his mind off things.

E9 | Through the Glass

Mashiro is in the midst of imagining a life of newlywed bliss with Yuri when she receives a call from Ameri, who wants to try to make amends.

E10 | Forbidden Peace

Though Yuri has tried his hardest to develop his spiritual abilities, what he'll do after high school is still a mystery - until his friend Sankuro steps in with some advice.

E11 | Showdown

Oryu, a Tayutai that has lain dormant within Ameri, suddenly awakens with enough force to take over not just Ameri but the entire city.

E12 | Yuri

Mashiro falls into a deep slumber, having used most of her magic to recover from the battle against Oryu - but a fateful ceremony for her and Yuri still lies ahead.



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