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Taisho Baseball Girls

Season 1

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  • Versions: Home Video (TV-PG)
  • Audio: Japanese
  • Subtitles: English

Taisho Baseball Girls

Season 1 | 12 Episodes

E1 | That Which the Boys Do

The year is 1925, and Koume Suzukawa agrees to help her friend Akiko form a baseball team at Toho Seika girls' academy - though she's not sure what baseball is all about...

E2 | A Long, Lovesick Spring Day

English teacher Anna Curtland instructs Koume and Akiko on the fundamentals of baseball, but the girls are going to need some more members to fill out their roster.

E3 | Nine Girls Take Their Places

Finally, the girls have the nine members needed for their team, dubbed the Ouka-kai. First up: a practice match against the boys' team from Asaka Middle School.

E4 | From Here

Akiko hasn't been to school for two days following the loss to Asaka, and teammate Noriko has announced she wants to quit. What will happen to the Ouka-kai?

E5 | Days of Racing Through Flowers and Butterflies

With new uniforms and a new resolve, the girls resume their training - but they're still one player short. The search is on for a ninth member!

E6 | The Ball Flies About the Field

The Ouka-kai makes a bet with a middle-school team to share their training grounds in exchange for a practice match, but these players are not at all what they expected...

E7 | Girlish Pranks in the Streets of Azabu

Rumors abound regarding a mysterious figure that has been roaming the streets at night, challenging people to impromptu baseball matches.

E8 | The Star of Azabu

A man named Yoshimura comes to watch the Ouka-kai out on the field. It turns out he works in film, and he wants to cast Koume as a stand-in for the lead role!

E9 | A Restaurant Full of Misunderstandings

Tensions rise at Suzukawa, Koume's family restaurant - she hasn't told her parents she's been practicing baseball, and a new development adds more fuel to the fire.

E10 | What am I Supposed to Do?

The girls take a much-needed break at Akiko's family guest house, but a major storm threatens to put a damper on their plans.

E11 | Totally On Edge Despite Ourselves

Koume's secret is out when her father catches her practicing her swings. Meanwhile, Akiko is nowhere to be found as a rematch with Asaka looms.

E12 | Covered in the Dust and Dirt

The match against Asaka is underway. Ouka-kai takes an early lead, but when teammate Yuki suffers a major spill, can they make it through to the final inning?



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