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Squid Girl 2

Season 2

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  • Versions: Home Video (TV-14)
  • Audio: English Japanese
  • Subtitles: English

Squid Girl 2

Season 2 | 12 Episodes

E1 | Shall We Start a Squid-vasion! | Aren’t You My Love Nemes- squid!? | Squidn’t That Be a Jellyfish!?

Kiyomi and her friends go visit Squid Girl, much to the dismay of Sanae. While there the group has a contest to see who can catch the most jellyfish.

E2 | Want to Squidaddle to Elementary School!? | Won’t You Do Some Cosplay-INK!? | Squid You Just Get Lighter!?

Squid Girl goes to school with Takeru where she ends up challenging some bullies. Later, Eiko and Nagisa try an unconventional approach to attract female shoppers.

E3 | Shall We Take a Squiddle Walk!? | Ready to Squid-ercise!? | Squidn’t You Help a Little!?

While on a walk, Squid Girl and Alex are attacked by another dog! Afterwards, Goro puts Squid Girl to work as a lifeguard, but he doesn't trust her entirely.

E4 | I Th-INK That’s English!? | You Th-INK You Can Stop It!? | Squid I Flow Too Far?

The antics never end with these friends! Eiko and Cindy face communication issues. Squid Girl learns about tickling, and hiccups…then she ends up separated from the group!

E5 | Squidn’t That Be Radio-Controlled!? | I Th-INK Today’s the Tanabata Star Festival!? | Want to INK-xperience Playing Alone!?

Squid Girl accidently break Takeru’s new toy car! Later, everyone writes down their wishes for Tanabata, and Squid Girl helps Takeru find ways to play by himself.

E6 | Wanna Do a Squiddle Jog!? | INKsn’t That My Bodyguard!? | Wanna Go on a Esquidpade!?

Goro joins Chizuru on a jog while Eiko and Takeru take Squid Girl on a tour of the city. Sanae decides to become Squid Girl's bodyguard so she can be around her all the time.

E7 | Squidn’t You Welcome Your Guests!? | INKsn’t That Amnesia!? | Want to Be Squid-nitiated Into Our Club!?

Ayumi's dad invites the Aizawas over for dinner. Squid Girl and Eiko find his hospitality to be awkward. Then, Squid Girl falls down the stairs and loses her memory!

E8 | Won’t You Be a House-Squidder!? | Quitting Cold Squid!? | Aren’t You INK-capacitated with Heat Stroke!?

Squid Girl mistakes a burglar for Chizuru's dad. After falling into a trap she tries resist her craving for shrimp. Later, both Squid Girl and Sanae collapse with heat stroke!

E9 | Won’t You Try Play-INK House!? | INKsn’t That on Your Squid-dule!? | Want to go to a Squid-musement Park!?

Playing House gets complicated for Sanae, Kiyomi, and Squid Girl! Over the weekend the Aizawas take Squid Girl to an amusement park, and find out it is closing.

E10 | Squid Meets Grill!? | Squidn’t You Defend Yourself!? | INKsn’t That Way Too Cold!?

Ayumi takes some self-defense lessons from Chizuru, who demonstrates her techniques on Goro. On a hot day, the group powers up the Lemon’s air conditioner, a bit too much.

E11 | Are You Using Hypno-squidsm on Me!? | Are they Join-INK Forces?! | Squidn’t the Two of Us Not Be Alone Together!?

Sanae tries her hand at hypnotism. Later, the Southern Winds owner joins forces with the Three Stooges to make a robotic Squid Girl to once again challenge the real deal!

E12 | Let’s Do Some Train-ING!? | INKsn’t That a Festival!? (Part 1) | INKsn’t That a Festival!? (Part 2)

Squid Girl asks the Lemon to help her invasion club, under false pretenses. As everyone attends a summer festival, Squid Girl ends up getting separated from her friends.



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