Key Art for Shin Koihime Muso ~Otome Tairan~

Shin Koihime Muso ~Otome Tairan~

Season 3

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  • Versions: Home Video (TV-MA)
  • Audio: Japanese
  • Subtitles: English

Shin Koihime Muso ~Otome Tairan~

Season 3 | 12 Episodes

E1 | Ryubi: Going on a Journey Once More

Now a hero in the eyes of the village, Ryubi San obtains the Dragon Sword but now faces her greatest challenge yet - keeping her weight in check.

E2 | Hoto Hides Something

The girls go on an adventure to get ingredients for a potion and discover dark secrets along the way.

E3 | Ryomo Tries Academics

Ryomo becomes Sonken-sama's new bodyguard but gets more than she bargained for when Sonken-sama decides to tutor her.

E4 | Gien Falls in Love at First Sight

The girls learn shocking news from a merchant of Totaku's reign in the capital and meet a tomboy named Gien.

E5 | Sonshoko Attempts to Fulfill Her Duty

Kan'u heads to Kontou. She stops in a surprisingly lively Enjutsu, looks for presents, and runs into Shoko.

E6 | Gien's Life is in Danger

Ryubi and the girls go on a journey through a treacherous mountain pass where danger is waiting for them.

E7 | Kogai Makes a Plan to Deceive Her Allies

In an attempt to make Shuyu and Saku-dono get along Kogai-dono locks them in a storeroom together while pretending to be drunk.

E8 | Mokaku is Captured and Released Many Times

The girls have an adventure with a wild Nanban elephant in an attempt to get its belly button lint.

E9 | Gunyu Attempts to Defeat Totaku

Kaku reports back to Chojo on the status of the construction. The girls return home so the doctor can make the antidote for the Nyan poison.

E10 | Shoutai Sneaks Into the Palace

The girls band together to complete a rescue mission. Shoutai infiltrates the Imperial Palace on a rescue mission.

E11 | Choryo Faces Off with Kan'u

Choryo prepares to make a final stand despite her general declaring the war a loss. She prepares to battle Kan'u.

E12 | The Allied Forces Strike at Ukitsu

The final battle approaches. Victory comes down to Ryubi San and her abilities with the Dragon Sword.

OVA | It's a School Festival! Everyone Assemble!

The school festival is here and everyone's preparing for it. There's music, magic shows, and even maids!



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