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Shin Koihime Muso

Season 2

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  • Versions: Home Video (TV-MA)
  • Audio: Japanese
  • Subtitles: English

Shin Koihime Muso

Season 2 | 12 Episodes

E1 | Bacho's Anguish

The Touka Village army grows more and more with Koumei's strategies along with the five strong warriors: Kan'u, Chohi, Chouun, Bachou and Kouchuu's power.

E2 | Ryubi Visits Touka Village

Koumei went out to buy some porn books with Kan'u's group. The group witness a girl with pink hair being cornered by a trio bandits.

E3 | Kosonsan Fights Ensho!

Kousonsan welcomes Ryubi and her party into Kousonsan's city. She tells them that the sword they are looking for isn't here now.

E4 | The Three Cho Sisters Acquire the

The Cho sisters try to get their money by performing magic and music, though they don't succeed. A man gives them a very sought after magical book.

E5 | Kakuka and Teiiku Come Into Soso's Service

While on their travels, our heroines encounter Kakuka and Teiiku, two aspiring strategists who seek employment under Lord Soso.

E6 | Ten'I is Tested by Soso

Soso holds a gourmet food session and tests the culinary skills of a chef named Ten'i. Meanwhile, The Cho Sisters begin to uncover the magical powers of the Crucial Keys.

E7 | Chinkyu is Taken in by Ryofu

Chinkyu, the loyal companion, and strategist to Ryofu, reveals her complicated life story to our heroines.

E8 | Enjutsu Orders a Monster's Extermination

Enjutsu declines to return the sword to Ryubi. Ryubi begs that she will do anything just to get it back. Choukun suggests Enjutsu to exterminate the monster in her territory.

E9 | Gakushin, Riten and Ukin Protect a Village

Ryubi is really happy about getting her sword back. The party stops to rest at a nearby village where they're mistaken for bandits.

E10 | Komei Wishes for a Sister

The Chou sisters continue to use the powers of the Crucial Keys to gain what goods they want while Ukitsu secretly watches over them.

E11 | Bacho Tries to Hold It In

Bachou's cousin, Batai arrives at Touka village and Bachou immediately wants her to return to Seiryo. Later, Batai makes a ridiculous bet with Bachou.

E12 | The General's Attempt to Suppress the Yellow Turban Rebellion

Kada believes that the Yellow Turban Rebellion was caused by the Crucial Keys.Later, Juniku suggests an all-out battle against them but Ryubi doesn't agree.

OVA | Rival Warlords Vacation on a Tropical Island: There Will Also be Tentacles!

The battle between the students has ended and it's finally vacation time! Everyone goes on a trip to a southern tropical island together.



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