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Sentai Podcast

Sentai Podcast

Special | Let's talk about MADE IN ABYSS!

Join hosts Sam and Jay as they talk all things MADE IN ABYSS! No stone is left unturned in this spirited discussion.

Special | Interview with MADE IN ABYSS Translator Jake Jung

Sam sits down with Jake Jung, translator for the MADE IN ABYSS series, for a fascinating look at what goes into translating the series for audiences abroad.

Special | Interview with MADE IN ABYSS ADR Director Kyle Colby Jones

Jay catches up with ADR director Kyle Colby Jones. What goes into making a dub for a series like MADE IN ABYSS, and who is truly the series’ “Best Dad”?

Special | Let's talk about NANA

Join us for a deep dive into all things Nana and a look at what makes the legendary shoujo series so enduring!

Special | Interview with Kelly Sheridan "Nana K/Hachi" from NANA

Sam catches up with voice actor Kelly Sheridan on her work in NANA, how perspectives change over time and her illustrious voice acting career! Contains spoilers for NANA.

Special | Interview with Rebecca Shoichet "Nana O" from NANA

Sam chats with voice actor Rebecca Shoichet on her work in NANA, compares musical theater notes, and covers that age old question: who are you? Contains spoilers for NANA.

Special | Interview with Destiny Senpai on NANA

Jay speaks with Destiny Senpai from the Getting Animated podcast about NANA and other anime that changed her life.

Special | Let's talk about Vinland Saga!

Sam and Jay deep dive into the historical inspirations for the viking epic Vinland Saga. Their rich discussion covers anthropology, cultural exchange and, of course, what makes this anime so darn great.

Special | Interview with Ben Applegate of Kodansha USA on Vinland Saga

Sam speaks with Ben about Vinland Saga and all things manga publishing in this engrossing in-depth interview.



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