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Sagrada Reset Season 2

Season 2

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  • Versions: Broadcast Home Video (TV-14)
  • Audio: Japanese
  • Subtitles: English

Sagrada Reset Season 2

Season 2 | 12 Episodes


The mechanics of the dream world are still wrapped in mystery. A visit to the "Stray Cat House Man" may shine some light on the truth.


Kei and Misora meet with Chiruchiru, which leads to a very interesting conversation where more truths are revealed about the world.


In the dream world, there was God, a monster, and a girl. As Kei pieces the mystery together, he asks Misora to Reset in hopes of saving another lost soul.

E4 | BOY, GIRL and —— 1/4

Sumire begins to manipulate the strings that bind the fate of those in Sakurada. Meanwhile, Kei tries to find the balance in his relationship with Misora.

E5 | BOY, GIRL and —— 2/4

A series of incidents involving ability users raises a red flag in Kei's mind. Someone is manipulating memories in Sakurada, but why?

E6 | BOY, GIRL and —— 3/4

The Bureau makes its final move to purge Sakurada of abilities by enlisting the help of the most dangerous ability user. Kei races to stop them before it's too late.

E7 | BOY, GIRL and —— 4/4

The Bureau's plan begins to accelerate. Sumire visits Kei and reveals why she had to die. Misora, meanwhile, finds herself in Masamuna's cross-hairs for ability removal.

E8 | BOY, GIRL and the STORY of SAGRADA 1/5

Abilities begin to fade, and even Kei is losing his memory. With Sumire and Misora living as their middle school selves, are all their memories doomed to be rewritten?

E9 | BOY, GIRL and the STORY of SAGRADA 2/5

With Misora's Reset, Sumire manages to gives her precognitive abilities to Kei. Using both their abilities, Kei makes a last attempt to stop Masamune's plans for Sakurada.

E10 | BOY, GIRL and the STORY of SAGRADA 3/5

To stop Masamune's plan, Kei approaches the last person he can think of for help: Eri Oka. Using the Reset, Kei tries to devise a plan to save abilities in Sakurada.

E11 | BOY, GIRL and the STORY of SAGRADA 4/5

Would Sakurada really be better off if abilities didn't exist? Kei and Masamune's values clash as they both try to define the true meaning of reality.

E12 | BOY, GIRL and the STORY of SAGRADA 5/5

Sumire collapses and no one can wake her. To save her, Kei returns to the dream world where she gives him an ultimatum that may cost him his life.



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