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Ruin Explorers


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  • Versions: Home Video (TV-PG)
  • Audio: English
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Ruin Explorers


OVA | As I Command Thee

Ruin explorers Ihrie and Fam are on a quest. They start their journey by looking for the idol which is the first of three items used to create the "Ultimate Power."

OVA | Oh, Spirits that Reside in the Air!

Ihrie and Fam have an argument and part ways. They are later joined back together by a small group while searching the underground city of Salim.

OVA | Let the Light of Admonishment Shine Upon the Fools

Golaf contracts a ship and sailors to take them on their life quest for the items of "Ultimate Power".

OVA | The Skies, the Seas, and the Woods

Ihrie has something un-expected in store for Rogudorol as the group fights him in a battle of good versus evil.



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