Key Art for Queen's Blade Beautiful Warriors

Queen's Blade Beautiful Warriors

Season 2

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  • Versions: Home Video (TV-MA)
  • Audio: Japanese English
  • Subtitles: English

Queen's Blade Beautiful Warriors

Season 2

OVA | Faith! Elina’s Unshakable Bond

No one can predict the path to the thrown, so what allowed Claudette to take it with Leina's blessing? Leina, Elina, and Echidna's pasts are revealed.

OVA | Difficult Parting! The Thousand Year Farewell of Alleyne

Nowa's free spirit gives her handler Alleyne a headache, but even greater danger looms ahead of them, and, in the end, it may be this optimism that saves them.

OVA | Depression! Airi’s Duplicity

Melona suffers through a cruel punishment for her supposed failure to her mistress. Later, Airi's encounter with Melpha makes her question her place in the world.

OVA | Restoration! Menace Joy Palace

The Witch sends Airi and Melona to return Menace back to the swamp, but Menace is enjoying her new life, adored and served by doting followers.

OVA | Fallen Angel! Nanael’s Pleasure

Nanael, Hachiel, the Head Angel, and Melpha's paths cross against Melona and Airi's. How will this encounter go?

OVA | Secret Technique! The Journey Escorted by Summoned Danger

Tomoe, a shrine maiden, and Aldra, a half-breed demon, return to the sacred grounds of Hinomoto. Tomoe recalls her times with Shizuka.



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