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Prima Doll

Season 1

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  • Versions: Broadcast (TV-14)
  • Audio: Japanese
  • Subtitles: English Latin American Spanish Portuguese

Prima Doll

Season 1 | 12 Episodes

E1 | The First Melody

An automata awakens in a basement with no memory or purpose. She is not alone, but her fellow doll sits broken and unresponsive.

E2 | Playing Alongside the Moon

During an outing, Haizakura's upbeat attitude clashes with Gekka's more stoic personality. How did the automaton become so cold, and why can't she seem to smile anymore?

E3 | Starry Sky Requiem

Houkiboshi's voice once brought hope to the troops in times of fear and darkness. Now a voice from the past will bring her the same.

E4 | Fluttering Wings Return

It's only logical to fix a malfunction, but Karasuba is offended that Haizakura suggested Nagi repair her.

E5 | Singing in the Rain

An automata's philosophical proof of existence can be measured as such: "I have orders, therefore I am." But if that's true, then what is an automata with no orders at all?

E6 | The Black Cat's Concert

Clients are in short supply after recent incidents involving automata, but Haizakura has an idea to attract new patrons — an idea that requires advice from an unlikely source...

E7 | Dreamlike Days

While Master Nagi travels abroad on a military mission, the dolls contemplate attending the Capital Fair, and a kindly elderly couple takes a shine to Gekka.

E8 | Rondo of Eternal Winter

A doll's duty is never done. After receiving worrisome news, Karasuba and Haizakura venture beyond the walls of the Black Cat on an important mission.

E9 | A Momentary Sextet

A lost automata wanders into the path of the Black Cat's staff, but who exactly is she? They've never seen a model quite like Haikagura before...

E10 | Unending Unison

In the wake of disaster, Haikagura sleeps, and her origin remains a mystery. While Nagi investigates the mysterious automata, the other dolls prepare for the Capital Fair.

E11 | Thunderous War Song

Two sisters, forged in secret. A successor, made in memory. Fragments of the past and future collide as Haikagura attempts to assume control.

E12 | Let These Feelings Resound

Haizakura knows what she must do to save her friends, but her actions will come at a cost unimaginable. Nevertheless, Haizakura is committed to finding her purpose.



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