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Place to Place OVA


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  • Versions: Home Video (TV-14)
  • Audio: Japanese
  • Subtitles: English

Place to Place OVA


E1 | Here~There

One cold day in Winter, Miniwa Tsumiki accompanies her long time friend and crush to an arcade where they encounter other friends.

E2 | Delicious Cakes~Valentine Lipstick

The group visits Miiko's Cake Shop where Io and Sakaki work. Later, Tsumiki, Mayoi, and Hime make chocolates for Valentine's Day.

E3 | Relentless Snowball Fight~ Cooking Class (Burn)

The group enjoys the last of winter with an epic snowball fight. Later in cooking class, Tsumiki shows off her culinary skills to Io.

E4 | I want to Catch~Donna Donna of Love

Club activities are canceled, so the group invents their own activity! A game of kick-the-can is in order, and later, Io and Sakaki end up on their school's TV special.

E5 | Attack!~ Nyanber Nyan!

The group has a volleyball match after a cringe worthy physical check-up experience. Later, the group plays an interesting game of Frisbee at a picnic.

E6 | Pool & Shirt~ Homework

When the group is assigned to pool cleaning duty, they quickly make a mess out of it. Later, an awkward study group forms at Io's house.

E7 | Mountains! Rivers! ~ Barbeque

Everyone goes to a mountain resort even though their summer homework is due. Their races down the mountain get a little intense…

E8 | Summer Homework ~ Summer Festival

Now bogged down by summer homework, Mayoi and Sakaki desperately try to finish. Later, a summer festival wouldn't be normal without some shenanigans along the way.

E9 | Dress Me Up! ~ School Festival of Love & Romance

The group opens a crepe stand, which turns out to be a huge success. Each person plays a role in the shop's success, but the real winners may be their wardrobe choices.

E10 | Bear Encounter ~ Lovelymas

Mayoi has a little too much fun with a recently acquired purchase. Later, Mayoi's Christmas Eve party hits a snag.

E11 | I look Foward to You in the New Year ~ Rice Cake Game

The group discusses their New Year's resolutions. When a flu epidemic hits, half the class misses school.

E12 | Sweet Gem ~ Chocolate Vale Tudo

Io proves to be the perfect gentleman. Sakaki finally gets her revenge for Mayoi's frog flesh chocolate.

OVA | "Place = Princess"

The group experiences a shared dream where they all go ice skating. Later, the group gets engrossed in their fortunes.



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