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Phantom of the Idol

Season 1

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  • Versions: Broadcast (TV-14)
  • Audio: Japanese
  • Subtitles: English Latin American Spanish Portuguese

Phantom of the Idol

Season 1 | 10 Episodes

E1 | Stage 1

Yuya’s career is about to go down in flames! But he may have a ghost of a chance if he lets Asahi possess his body and do the hard work for him.

E2 | Stage 2

Yuya’s attitude change catches everyone off guard and it’s all thanks to Asahi’s intervention! But his luck may turn when she insists he does things without her help.

E3 | Stage 3

Asahi and Yuya need to learn more about each other to succeed. Which begs the question: how well does Asahi know Yoshino, the other half of ZINGS, anyway?

E4 | Stage 4

Yuya has dedicated and loyal fans, but only one of them can win the coveted prize they all seek. May the truest fan win!

E5 | Stage 5

ZINGS has the honor of attending Farmer's Handsome this year and meet the members of Cgrass! They seem nice enough, but there’s something about their leader, Hikaru, though.

E6 | Stage 6

Hikaru accuses Yuya of plagiarizing the late Asahi’s performances and demands that he quit being an idol!

E7 | Stage 7

Hikaru is following Yuya’s every move so he can expose that fraud for what he truly is. It’s not like he’s turning a fan or anything!

E8 | Stage 8

Yuya’s fans must make a life-altering decision: what should he wear during his photo shoots? No matter the outcome, it is not a choice they can make lightly.

E9 | Stage 9

Yuya finds himself on the cusp of an important realization as ZINGS’ second anniversary concert approaches.

E10 | Stage 10

Yuya understands what Asahi and Yoshino don’t: ZINGS doesn’t have two members. It has three.



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