Key Art for Peter Grill and the Philosopher's Time - Super Extra

Peter Grill and the Philosopher's Time - Super Extra

Super Extra (Season 2)

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  • Versions: Broadcast (TV-MA)
  • Audio: English Japanese
  • Subtitles: English

Peter Grill and the Philosopher's Time - Super Extra

Super Extra (Season 2) | 12 Episodes

E1 | Peter Grill and the Goblin Apocalypse

Did someone say goblins? Peter just received orders to hold back a horde of female goblins invading the countryside.

E2 | Peter Grill and the Goblin Who Returned the Favor

While Peter weeps in his cell, an Elite Hobgoblin named Gobuko unexpectedly comes to his rescue. It's almost as though she's got something on her mind...

E3 | Peter Grill and the Only Neat Thing to Do

When humans successfully route the horde, is extermination the only solution? This looks like a job for a completely different kind of goblin slayer!

E4 | Peter Grill and the World's Strongest Little Sister

Lucy Grill certainly has a lot of guts. Why, she'll just go berserk if she ever finds out her brother cheated on Luvellia!

E5 | Peter Grill and Family Ties

Peter's already complicated life grows more so when Lucy joins the Warriors Guild. He needs to be extra careful now!

E6 | Peter Grill and the Enjoyment of the Spa Resort

Peter needs a break after everything he's gone through. Unfortunately for him, certain someones have other plans.

E7 | Peter Grill and a Family Disgraced

After being abducted from the spa resort, Peter awakens and stands before Vegan's sister! Three guesses what she wants.

E8 | Peter Grill and the Sisterly Feud

Vegan won't just stand around and let her sister take Peter away!

E9 | Peter Grill and the Essence of an Apology

Vegan and Fulltalia's sibling rivalry is getting out of hand!

E10 | Peter Grill and the Dwarven Alliance

The Guildmaster vows to acknowledge Peter if he reaffirms the Guild's alliance with the Dwarves? Peter smells a trap...

E11 | Peter Grill and the Inescapable Room

Peter and Misslim get locked in a room together, and the only way they can escape is by performing a suspiciously specific action...

E12 | Peter Grill and the Future Legacy

The Guildmaster's plan pays off! Fortunately for Peter (but unfortunately for everyone else), the Dwarves' natural predator chooses this moment to attack the ceremony.



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