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Papillon Rose

Season 1

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  • Versions: Home Video (TV-MA)
  • Audio: Japanese
  • Subtitles: English

Papillon Rose

Season 1 | 6 Episodes

E1 | Is Akiba Blooming?!

An alien invasion is set to happen in the city of Akiba. The town's only hope is the Papillion Soldiers, who now lead mundane lives and do not remember their past heroics.

E2 | Jasper and Gold Butterflies Dance in Akiba

Papillion Rose tries to convince Anne that she is Lily and that Shizuka is Margarette. Meanwhile, the Dark Advisor is sent down to Earth to speed up the Forgotten Ones' mods.

E3 | Our Seven-Hour War

The Dark Advisor declares war on Earth by mobilizing ground units against the Papillion Soldiers with hopes that the people of Earth will surrender.

E4 | Dance Once More, Jade Butterfly

The invaders send out a three-headed dragon. Later, the girls visit Shinjuku to relax, learning about Papillion Dahlia.

E5 | The Crimson Butterfly Dies

The Papillion Soldiers realize that Dahlia wields the legendary Kusanagi and is under the enemies control. To get Dahlia back on their side, they must fight her for the sword.

E6 | Akiba is on Fire

In their efforts to save Rose from eternal doom, the girls learn a key function of the Kusanagi's power.



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