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Outburst Dreamer Boys OVA


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  • Versions: Home Video (TV-14)
  • Audio: Japanese
  • Subtitles: English

Outburst Dreamer Boys OVA


E1 | That's Right, I Have Awakened

Does Mizuki's eyepatch conceal her hidden powers, or is her eye just infected like she says? Noda knows the truth, no matter what Mizuki claims to the contrary.

E2 | Perhaps the Reincarnation of an Angel or a Devil

The culprit of the attacks on Mizuki is revealed, and his motives are completely unexpected. Can the Hero Club defeat this dastardly villain before it's too late?!

E3 | Neither a Kid nor an Adult

Tsukomo's odd behavior clearly indicates he's a spy from the Agency! The Hero Club is determined to discover his true allegiance, but will the wily Tsukomo foil their plans?

E4 | I've Got a Complication, There's a Fanfare in My Head

That new transfer student sure is handsome. And smart. And talented... so why is he on a first-name basis with a member of the Hero Club, of all people?

E5 | I'm Burdened with Great Power

Employees keep collapsing at Amazing Land! It's definitely because something evil is afoot — NOT because the employees have a summer cold. Nope. It's because of EVIL!

E6 | I Sense Someone Glancing This Way

Disruptive. Disturbing. Disorderly. Have the Hero Club's antics gone too far? The Student Council will investigate during Sports Day to make their final determination.

E7 | I'm No Pretty Boy and It's a One Night Stand

Mizuki receives an unexpected summons from a certain shadowy organization. To whom will her allegiance lie once everything is said and done!?

E8 | Swaying in the Gap Between Ideals and Reality

The fate of the Drama Club hangs in the balance! Only the Hero Club has the power to save it from disbandment, but they'll have to put on the show of a lifetime to succeed.

E9 | The Number You're Trying to Reach

The Hero Club's arch nemesis devised a clever plan to undermine the Drama Club's endeavors! Green has the power to save the day, but at what cost will his intervention come?

E10 | Mingled in the Darkness of Solitude and Twisted Logic

With their headquarters destroyed, the Hero Club scatters to the winds — and in their absence, a nefarious presence infiltrates the school grounds...

E11 | Go Forth and Illuminate, Searchlight!

Although forced to operate from the shadows, the Hero Club vows to save the school from a vicious beast... but will the peril prove too much for our plucky protagonists!?

OVA | It's the Destiny of Those Born as Men

The student council asks the Hero Club to travel to a distant temple and assist the guardian in his duties — but the guardian has a very familiar face...



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