Key Art for Onipan!


Season 1

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  • Versions: Broadcast (TV-14)
  • Audio: Japanese
  • Subtitles: English


Season 1 | 12 Episodes

E1 | Three Onikko, On the Scene!

Three oni-kids arrive in the big city with a mission to prove oni aren't so scary. With their adorable faces, this should be a piece of cake... right!?

E2 | Momomomomomomo!

Making friends at a new school is tough. And when you're an oni-kid going to school with the descendant of the greatest oni-enemy EVER, it gets even tougher!

E3 | Onikko, On the Town!

It's time for the oni-kids to revitalize their neighborhood! They'll need to attract attention (and maybe win a competition or two) to keep local business booming.

E4 | Oni Love Clubs!

Being normal students isn't enough to show humans how amazing oni are. It's time for the oni-kids to join a school club! But the question is: which one?

E5 | Momo Battle Royale!

The Momo Battle Royale is about to begin! ... too bad no one knows what a Momo Battle Royale is. Time for Momo, descendent of the #1 Oni-Enemy, to take to the stage and explain!

E6 | Legendary Idol Noririn

Who is the mysterious idol Noririn? Her true identity is a secret...or at least it WAS! Can the oni-kids keep her secret, or is the magically transforming cat out of the bag?

E7 | What a Scoop! Kuma's Real Identity Revealed?!

King Yama doesn't want to return to the land of the oni! She's having way too much fun with the oni-kids, but can a king afford to goof off this much?

E8 | Farewell, Onipan?!

The oni-kids can only use their onipan once more before the garments turn into normal underpants! They can get more, but they must pass three tests at the Mountain of Trials.

E9 | The Oni Return to a Culture Festival!

It's time for a school festival episode! It's up to the Oni-Kids to organize the event, but are they up to the challenge of picking a unique theme at their super wacky school?

E10 | You're Watching Onikko Channel!

The oni-kids turn to the internet to give a lesson on modern oni culture! The results are scarier than expected (on multiple levels)...

E11 | Our Next Top Idols: The Oni Project!

Could becoming an idol help the kids improve oni-human relations at long last? Only if they can make it through a pretty darn weird audition process...

E12 | A Legendary Battle! Onikko Forever!

The oni-kids have competition when three legendary oni take over the public opinion campaign! But these new oni look a little... familiar.



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