Key Art for Nyankoi!


Season 1

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  • Versions: Home Video (TV-14)
  • Audio: Japanese English
  • Subtitles: English


Season 1 | 12 Episodes

E1 | The Scruffy Cat and the Cursed High Schooler

Jyunpei Kousaka is fatally allergic to cats, yet lives in a world that worships them. To his chagrin, he finds himself spellbound to a curse, allowing him to talk to felines.

E2 | The Man is a Manservant?

Dealing with cats is tough enough, but keeping the curse a secret makes life crappier than a litter box. His next task puts him in the direct fire of an ex-childhood friend.

E3 | Your Name is...

After meeting a cute college student, Jyunpei gets pulled into helping her navigate the streets of her delivery route -- full of cats who have their own demands, of course.

E4 | Beautiful People

It seems that there's someone else at school with eyes for Mizuno: the captain of the track and field team. Jyunpei, Mizuno and Sumiyoshi find themselves in the dragon's den.

E5 | Times Square

Nagi has a new challenge for Jyunpei. Mizuno and Sumiyoshi accompany them to the amusement park, where Jyunpei is given a startling ultimatum.

E6 | Milk and Bitters and Sugar and Spice

Disaster seems to be following Jyunpei like a black cat, when a mysterious girl from his school somehow knows his secret.

E7 | Wait Until Dark

The school field trip to Kyoto has arrived! Of course, there's no vacation when you're cursed, and Jyunpei's arrival has been announced to all of the cats in Kyoto.

E8 | The Passionate Private Running Coach

As the newest member of the Track and Field Club, Mizuno is running Jyunpei ragged. However, his lack of attention to his kitty project may result in a little cat burglary.

E9 | Girls in the Water

Exams are coming up and everyone heads to the indoor pool for a break. Bikinis and nosebleeds -- what's not to enjoy? That is, until Jyunpei catches a nasty cold.

E10 | As it Happened One Night

Sumiyoshi writes a report with the help of the strange Cat Shrine Twins, inadvertently unearthing some even stranger things about their past.

E11 | Friends

With Christmas around the corner, Jyunpei feels even guiltier as the cat statue is finally discovered to be damaged, deciding to get a part-time job to donate for its repair.

E12 | Does Heave Await Me?

Time may be about to run out for Jyunpei, but not for lack of trying. Worse than his new set of ears, is the possibility that someone could be in danger because of his curse.



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