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Season 1

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  • Versions: Broadcast Home Video (TV-14)
  • Audio: Japanese
  • Subtitles: Portuguese English Latin American Spanish


Season 1 | 13 Episodes

E1 | The Ship That Sails in the Sky

Norn lands to welcome a new female member, but the mysterious girl Kakeru finds doesn’t remember her name. Despite this, she’s warmly welcomed by the others aboard the ship.

E2 | Ability

Norn is attacked by people seeking to capture and use members of the crew. When the enemy turns its weapons on the ship, Koharu releases her devastating ability to save them.

E3 | Sprouting Spring

As the others try to make sense of the attack the day before, Koharu encounters a new boy aboard the ship. With the threat of an insider, who can truly be trusted?

E4 | Serenade of the Dawn

Kakeru deploys a creative tactic to force Nanami and Akito to get along. Meanwhile, Mikoto and Sakuya patrol at ground level to search for the man who attacked the ship.

E5 | The Dozing Forest

Seeing the girls out of sorts, Itsuki uses his ability to send them to a “dream world” with Koharu as Snow White, Mikoto as Cinderella, and Nanami is Red Riding Hood!

E6 | The Gears in Motion

The entire crew is still reeling from the effects of last night’s strange dream. Just as things couldn’t get more uncomfortable, the ship is attacked again… from the inside.

E7 | A Dream of Reality

With the journey ending soon, the crew decides to have fun with a dare contest. However, wounded hearts and hidden intentions threaten the safety of everyone on the ship.

E8 | The World

Mikoto’s been kidnapped, and Sakuya, Masaume, and the others launch a search. With war on the horizon, they are forced to learn the truth about their world’s dark history.

E9 | The Truth for Everyone

With Koharu still missing, Kakeru returns to the surface to find her and his father. Meanwhile, Akito and Nanami prepare to reveal their secret to a member of the ship.

E9.5 | Goddess of Destiny

Everything changed when Koharu joined the crew of Norn. The sins of the past forge an uncertain future and put the fate of the crew, and the world itself, in the balance.

E10 | Aion - The Eternity

Following Sakuya’s vision of the near future, the crew hurries to rescue Koharu and Mikoto. On the island, Kakeru runs into Natsuhiko and Ron.

E11 | The Reset

The group is finally reunited aboard the ship. The Reset weighs heavily on their minds, and Koharu fears the inevitable global consequences of their decision.

E12 | The New World

Koharu’s destructive powers rage beyond her control, and her ability threatens to bring down the ship. After a failed Reset, the entire world faces an uncertain future.



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