Key Art for New Dominion: Tank Police

New Dominion: Tank Police

New Dominion

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  • Versions: Home Video (TV-14)
  • Audio: Japanese
  • Subtitles: English

New Dominion: Tank Police

New Dominion

OVA | Launch! Tank Police!!

Much to their chagrin, a newer, smaller and more capable weapon is mobilized against the New Dominion Tank Police.

OVA | Charles Brenten, Master Detective!! ~ Black Rain of Newport!...

Leona becomes so absolutely fed up with the chief being so restrictive, requesting a leave of absence.

OVA | Limit the Tubeway

A Dainippon Giken Research Agency truck rolls right through the New Dominion Tank Police's defenses.

OVA | Pursuit! Bonaparte in the Mist

A mysterious white fog blankets the city, causing the New Dominion Tank Police to become disoriented.

OVA | Conflict City

The Tank Police units are spread thin as they respond to the crime that is raging on all throughout the city.

OVA | End the Dreaming

With the Mayor injured and the pending charges against the executives from the Dainippon Giken Research Agency, Rockford Enterprises is looking to take over.



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