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Neo Angelique Abyss

Season 1

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  • Versions: Home Video (TV-PG)
  • Audio: Japanese
  • Subtitles: English

Neo Angelique Abyss

Season 1 | 13 Episodes

E1 | The Miracle Girl

Angelique attends an all girls boarding school. Her life is that of your typical school girl, until it's turned upside down.

E2 | Under the Table

Angelique accompanies Rayne as they embark on a dangerous trip to the town of Farian to purify the Thanatos.

E3 | The Silver Knight

On another trip to Farian, Rayne and Angelique stop in a little town where they meet Hyuga, a former Silver Knight. When he learns of Angelique's identity, he makes a vow.

E4 | Black Attack

Everyone has to help cook the meal for the upcoming banquet, so Angelique goes to the store. On her way back, she is suddenly attacked!

E5 | Journey of Determination

The Aube Hunters set off on a trip to meet with the Religious Leader. Along the way, they visit Angelique's old school so she can see her old friends.

E6 | Visiting the Holy Capital

The Aube Hunters finally arrive at Celestizam so Angelique can meet with the Religious Leader. As she is leaving, she is confronted by Roche.

E7 | Seed of Happiness

As soon as they return home, JD collapses. Angelique and Hyuga decide they will find a cure for him, so they set out for Kozu to learn about his past.

E8 | Jinx

The Aube Hunters attend a demonstration of the new weapon created by the Foundation called the Jinx.

E9 | A Day Off in Wodon

Angelique tries to spend the day with her friends, Hannah and Sally. However, Angelique splits off and runs into Roche. She and Roche spend the day discovering the town.

E10 | Time's Rondo

Roche and Bernard go to another town to interview people. Roche learns some interesting news about the Jinx and Thanatos.

E11 | Dark Clouds

Erenfried secretly takes out some Jinx units to go fight the Thanatos in an attempt to prove their perfection. However, his certainty will be tested.

E12 | The Captured Angelique

The Aube Hunters determine that Erenfried is the one behind Angelique's kidnapping and they set out to save her.

E13 | Return, and Then...

The Aube Hunters agree to help Hyuga protect Angelique. They concact a plan that will enable them to destroy their enemy once and for all.



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