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Natsuyuki Rendezvous

Season 1

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Natsuyuki Rendezvous

Season 1 | 11 Episodes

E1 | Episode 1

Hazuki is head over heels in love with his boss, but his chances of getting the girl are virtually nonexistent due to his shyness… and the ghost of her dead husband.

E2 | Episode 2

Hazuki is quickly learning that a normal date with Rokka will be close to impossible with her nosy ghost of a husband literally getting in the way.

E3 | Episode 3

Rokka is down with a cold, so Hazuki and Miho have to mind the shop. When Shimao gets upset, he triggers a phenomenon that goes beyond his usual immaterial existence.

E4 | Episode 4

Hazuki takes Rokka on their first real date to an amusement park, but he is in danger of overplaying his hand. Rokka finds that she can't shake certain memories.

E5 | Episode 5

Shimao is in Hazuki's body trying to woo his widowed wife back, and gives the body a makeover. Meanwhile, Hazuki's "spirit" seems a little stuck.

E6 | Episode 6

A lost soul contemplates the consequences of his lingering, while in the world of the living two souls find themselves amidst a grey area in their budding relationship.

E7 | Episode 7

Shimao inhabits Hazuki's body again to take Rokka to the beach, leaving Hazuki's spirit at the bottom of the ocean!

E8 | Episode 8

Shimao goes on the lam with Hazuki's body. Meanwhile, the bodiless Hazuki gets some unsettling news from the Rokka simulacrum that spurs him to action.

E9 | Episode 9

While Hazuki's spirit takes the plunge from one fairy tale to another, Rokka finds Hazuki's body and makes a discovery.

E10 | Episode 10

Hazuki finds his way back to the real world, only it isn't so real! He can only watch helplessly as Shimao inhabits his body to rekindle the romance with his wife!

E11 | Episode 11

Rokka makes her final decision between her deceased husband in Hazuki's body and the flesh and blood Hazuki.



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