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Season 1

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  • Versions: Broadcast Home Video (TV-14)
  • Audio: Japanese
  • Subtitles: English Latin American Spanish Portuguese


Season 1 | 13 Episodes

E1 | Confession! Momo-kun and Kurihara-san | Changing Clothes for the Season

Momo-kun receives a love confession from a girl one year older than him. Little does he know how long she’s liked him or what their new relationship has in store for them.

E2 | First Date?! | Study Session

The new couple enjoys a first date. Later, Kurihara suggests a group study session to slyly infiltrate Momo’s house, but is Momo getting a little jealous of his friends?

E3 | Rio and the Momotsuki I want to protect!! | Momo Collection Reaches 200

Momo worries he’s not acting “mature enough.” Meanwhile, Kurihara schemes to take her first couple’s photo with him, but who’s that other girl who seems cute-struck by Momo?

E4 | The First Time I Felt... | Rio and Kurihara Get Friendly Fast?!

After Momo sees Kurihara hanging out alone with Rio, is he feeling a little jealous? Little does Momo know Kurihara’s real reasons for reaching out to his classmate.

E5 | BBQ | Cousins and Bathing Suits

Momotsuki and Kurihara get invited to a BBQ trip. With the prospect of seeing Momo in swimming trunks, Kurihara tries to find a perfect swimsuit.

E6 | Summer Festival! | Getting Lost

As Momo and Kurihara go to the festival, Momo deals with feelings of inadequacy when Kurihara seems to be taking the lead. When Momo decides to step up, they get separated.

E7 | Momo-kun's Melancholic Sick Day | Shinya and Yuki

With a fever leaving Momo bedridden, Kurihara has to take care of Momo while facing off other temptations.

E8 | Beach Ball Panic | Kurihara-san, Spinning Around

As they travel back from the pool, Kurihara ends up taking the lead once more. Momo in response tries to be more assertive, leaving Kurihara’s emotions in a storm.

E9 | It’s Personal... and Stuff! | A Date at the Amusement Park

People are starting to question Kurihara’s… strange actions. Meanwhile, Momo takes Kurihara on a date to the amusement park!

E10 | The Choral Contest | In Exchange for Candy...

Rio and Momo participate in the musical festival’s costume contest. As Rio and Momo get closer, Momo wonders why isn't Kurihara getting jealous?

E11 | Hanakuma | The Secret of the Tartar Sauce Omelet

After Kurihara’s weird confession, Momo-kun carries on as usual. When Kurihara makes a bento, Momo realizes it has all his favorite food except… he never told her.

E12 | Excitement on Christmas! | Sick Day (Part 2)

As the holidays approach, Momo-kun and his friends get together to study for final exams with Kurihara trying her best to support him.

E13 | Onsen Trip | Their Feelings

Kurihara and Momo end up going to a hot spring with their friends. Their relationship is tested when they experience some miscommunication.



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