Key Art for MM!


Season 1

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  • Versions: Home Video (TV-MA)
  • Audio: Japanese English
  • Subtitles: English


Season 1 | 12 Episodes

E1 | Straight-Descending First Love

Taro Sado is an ordinary high schooler with a not-so-ordinary affliction, making it hard for him to confess to a crush. To get some help, he visits the Second Voluntary Club.

E2 | The Distance Between Similar People

Three's a crowd when Mio joins Taro and Arashiko on their outing. Arashiko shares the reasoning behind her unusual fear with Taro.

E3 | The Dog Fight For You

Arashiko's protective best friend, Yumi Mamiya, pops in for an unexpected visit and displays hostility toward Taro.

E4 | This And That Silly Couple

Mio believes that the power of love can cure any complex, asking Taro to go on a date with her -- solely to rehabilitate his condition, of course!

E5 | Genius Girl is in Raging Panic!

Taro finds a mysterious letter in his shoe locker from a genius student and goes to meet her, not knowing she has ulterior motives.

E6 | My Trouble-Filled Home

Taro’s mother and sister become suspicious of the amount of time Arashiko has been spending with him lately, arranging a plot to lure her into their home.

E7 | Love Triangle in the Summer?

The Second Voluntary Club and friends go to the beach for an Intensive Training Camp. While Taro and Arashiko become closer, an unexpected predator emerges to kidnap them.

E8 | “B” and “L” Love Relationship

Mio gives hypnosis a try, hoping to cure Taro's condition, but instead causes him troubles more bizarre than before.

E9 | MFC’s Great Conspiracy

Sakuramori Festival is here! The Second Voluntary Club sets up a helpful booth. Meanwhile, the festival committee receives a peculiar letter, threatening the "cursed student".

E10 | Sadistic Lady Arashiko

Taro notices a sour change in Arashiko’s typically sweet and shy behavior, suspecting Mio's involvement, but accusing her only results in harsh punishment.

E11 | The Lost Memory

Lady Mio’s sadistic treatment for Taro is now in session! As he begs for more from Lady Mio, he accidentally knocks himself unconscious, causing amnesia.

E12 | The Christmas Wish

The Club is setting up Christmas trees so that students can decorate them with their wishes. Hoping to make them come true as gifts, Mio gets more than she bargained for.



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