Key Art for Mashiroiro Symphony ~ The Color of Lovers

Mashiroiro Symphony ~ The Color of Lovers

Season 1

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  • Versions: Home Video (TV-14)
  • Audio: Japanese
  • Subtitles: English

Mashiroiro Symphony ~ The Color of Lovers

Season 1 | 12 Episodes

E1 | White-Colored Meeting

A dead cell phone is the turning point in young Shingo's life. After receiving news of the upcoming merger, the game changes... and not for the better!

E2 | Rejection Colored Cooking

Going to school with hundreds of girls is every boy's dream right? Not poor Shingo, who suddenly finds himself making several embarrassing mistakes.

E3 | Annoyance-Colored Anxiety

Now a committee member, it's up to Shingo to improve the declining atmosphere in his class. Until he can turn Airi, who continues to keep her distance, it will be fruitless.

E4 | Airi-Colored Secret

Airi reveals to Shingo and the others that she's been living alone since she started at Yuijo and has just enough money to cover her living expenses.

E5 | I am Your-Colored Maid

Airi thinks she's falling for Shingo, but she must make sure by figuring out if she feels differently around him than when she's around other guys.

E6 | Search-Colored Bath Time

Angelina begins to follow Shingo around in hopes of helping him however she can. She ends up joining the Nuko Club and helps with recruitment.

E7 | Twilight-Colored Swing

There is a rumor that Shingo and Sana are dating! Shingo talks to Sana about it and Sana tries to clear up the rumor.

E8 | Kitten Colored Black and White

The Nuko Club has a new member: an abandoned black and white kitten. Miu immediately becomes attached to the stray while Shingo and Sana have an important conversation.

E9 | Same-Colored Coupled

Miu is back at it again, as Shingo and Sana find her once again in the club room caring for the abandoned kittens. The Nuko Club's adviser decides to separate the kittens.

E10 | Tear-Colored Shelter

Airi knows about Sana's feelings toward Shingo, and is worried that Sana is completely ignoring them. The kittens become restless in their new homes.

E11 | Mashiroiro Symphony

Airi covers for Sana, who has been absent from school, by telling people she has a cold. Upon her return, Sana believes she has truly dealt with her feelings toward Shingo.

E12 | Beginning-Colored Season

Pannya's time with the Nuko Club is nearing its end, as the members decide to let it go back to its family. Airi is moved by Miu's devotion to Pannya.



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