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Maria Watches Over Us

Season 1

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  • Versions: Home Video (TV-14)
  • Audio: Japanese
  • Subtitles: English

Maria Watches Over Us

Season 1 | 13 Episodes

E1 | The Troubling Declaration of Sisterhood

They've only met once, but Sachiko has asked Yumi to be her soeur, or little sister. Will Yumi accept this sudden invitation, or will her heart lead her down a different path?

E2 | An Unnerving Duet

Rumors swirl, and soon everyone is talking about Sachiko's offer to Yumi. The pressure is great, and it will take every ounce of Yumi's will not to break beneath its weight.

E3 | The Moon and the Rosary

The role of the prince in the school play is to be performed by Kashiwagi, a boy from a neighboring academy — and it seems he has a shocking connection to Sachiko.

E4 | The Yellow Rose Revolution

Yoshino and Rei are picture-perfect soeurs, but there is more to their sisterhood than meets the eye.

E5 | The Fighting Maidens

The school reels after events between Rei and Yoshino come to light. Yoshino stands by her decisions... because in the end, they're only to help Rei.

E6 | Rosa Canina

As student council elections begin, and a student who has dubbed herself "Rosa Canina" enters the running with mysterious motivations.

E7 | Surprising Chocolate - Part I

In honor of Valentine's Day, the three boutons will hide differently colored cards around campus. The prize for finding one? A date with one of the boutons!

E8 | Surprising Chocolate - Part II

The treasure hunt is underway, but Yumi has a more important thing on her mind: repairing the misunderstanding causing friction between her and Sachiko.

E9 | The Red Card

Mifuyu met Sachiko as a little girl, and her feelings for Sachiko never faded... but reuniting isn't as simple as attending Lillian Girls' Academy together.

E10 | The Forest of Briars

Students say a novel called "The Forest of Briars" reveals the scandalous past of none other than Sei, Rosa Gigantea, herself... or has the rumor mill spun out of control?

E11 | The White Petals

Yumi and her friends have learned the truth behind "The Forest of Briars", but there is still more to learn about Sei's past at Lillian Girls' Academy.

E12 | The First Date Triangle

Yumi asks Sachiko on a date — on the same day as the dates promised by the Valentine's Day treasure hunt, no less. Emotions run high; can Yumi make the date a success?

E13 | Good Day, Dear Sister

The three dates draw to a close, but with their ends comes certainty — and renewed hope for the future.



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