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Maria Holic

Season 1

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  • Versions: Home Video (TV-14)
  • Audio: English Japanese
  • Subtitles: English

Maria Holic

Season 1 | 12 Episodes

E1 | The Flirtatious Kiss

Kanako Miyamae enrolls into an all girls academy. In search of love, Kanako meets Mariya, a cute and sweet girl. Or so it seems...

E2 | A Sweet Twinge

Kanako prepares for the first day of school, after a troublesome morning with her new roommate, Mariya.

E3 | Masochistic Young Buds

After having her belongings destroyed by Ryuken's fan-girls, Mariya presents Kanako with a new book bag and rosary.

E4 | The Price of Pleasure

Ryuken has promised to protect Kanako, But Ryuken's protection causes Kanako more pain than ease. Meanwhile, Kiri has told the fan-girls that she's going out with Kanako.

E5 | Forbidden Smell

Kanako is trying really hard to become friends with Kiri. Meanwhile, the dorm chief does and inspection for contraband.

E6 | Infirmary of Perversion

Physical exams are held and despite being a boy, Mariya attends the examination. Later, Mariya explains his reasoning for attending Ame no Kisaki.

E7 | The Suspicious Black Underwear

Yuzuru notices that Kiri and Sachi are getting along very well. Because of that, Yuzuru becomes jealous.

E8 | The Tainted Holy Mother, Part 1

The Virgin Mary Festival is approaching and Kanako has been forced to join the planning committee unwillingly.

E9 | The Tainted Holy Mother, Part 2

Preparations for the festival are underway! Meanwhile, Kanako learns about the seven mysteries shrouding Ame no Kisaki.

E10 | A Flat-chested Error

After failing her mid-terms, Kanako is forced to take supplementary exams. Constant distractions from Mariya impedes her concentration.

E11 | An Offering To God

A new teacher arrives at Ame no Kisaki. Not knowing about Mariya's true identity, the new teacher develops a crush for Mariya.

E12 | A Swimming Competition Full of Pretty Girls: There Will Be Flying Tops

Summer is here and swimming lessons begin at Ame no Kisaki. Kanako tries to reveal Mariya's true identity at the pool.



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