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Magic of Stella

Season 1

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Magic of Stella

Season 1 | 12 Episodes

E1 | The Starting Line

Tamaki has just started high school and is trying to find her passion in life. Finding a club to join is not as easy as it looks.

E2 | A Fun Production

Tamaki gets more comfortable with the girls, but there is still an underlying shyness that keeps her from showing them her art.

E3 | Broker Items

Ayame is still struggling to come up with a story for the game. As a stress reliever, they decide to do a club outing for Golden Week!

E4 | Skill Up

Tamaki is told that her characters are lacking genuine expressions. Meanwhile, as she ruminates on how her art, she is approached by her upperclassman.

E5 | Countdown

Tamaki comes down with a cold. As the group signs up to another event, the girls work overtime to finish their game "Magic of Stella.”

E6 | Direct Sales

The girls are doing their exhibition, and they're excited. Shiina, in her agitation, starts to get sick. As they’re promoting no one is stopping at their booth.

E7 | First Memories

Kyo asks Tamaki for her help in writing some song lyrics. This leads Tamaki to believe that Kyo is in love and wishes to help.

E8 | Debugging is Serious Business

Tamaki is confronted by a spirited girl. As a member of the Illustration Club, the girl challenges Tamaki to a duel among artists.

E9 | Skill Up, Part 2

Tamaki finds herself in an art slump and can’t seem to shake it off. Sensing something is wrong, Ayame attempts to cheer her up.

E10 | Precision Machines

Tamaki gets a makeover. Meanwhile, she accidentally drops Shiina’s laptop and tries to build up the courage to confess to her.

E11 | I'd Prefer Not To

After Minaha is forbidden from partaking in club activities, Tamaki and Ayame try to convince her family to let her participate.

E12 | Back to the Start

The girls promote their game at Summer Comiket with some interesting results. Afterward, they head to the beach in celebration.



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