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Season 1

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  • Versions: Broadcast (TV-14)
  • Audio: Japanese
  • Subtitles: English Portuguese Latin American Spanish


Season 1 | 12 Episodes

E1 | First Love

Yukari Nejima has been in love with Misaki Tazaki since grade school. He finally builds the confidence to confess his feelings, but nothing goes as planned.

E2 | A Small Lie

Neji has now been appointed a wife by the government. When he meets his future wife Ririna, he's surprised by her reaction when he reveals his secret.

E3 | Overlooked Love

Ririna invites Neji over to her house only to find Misaki already there. It's apparent that Ririna has other plans for her assigned husband.

E4 | The Science of Love

Love is complicated when you're inside the Yukari system. Neji and Ririna must navigate the ministry together if they want their lie to come out intact.

E5 | Risky Love

The camping trip seems to be going well until all four them are forced to confront certain truths about their relationship.

E6 | A Prison to Compel Love

Neji and Ririna have been assigned a special lecture, things take an awkward turn when they realize the nature of the lecture.

E7 | A Silent Lie

Ririna is confused about her feelings for Neji, especially after the special lecture. Meanwhile, Misaki questions her role in Neji and Ririna's life.

E8 | Feelings Without Lies

Neji delves deeper into this friendship with Nisaki, and learns Misaki's true feelings about his relationship with Ririna.

E9 | So Bright It Doesn't Seem Real

With the Romeo and Juliet play about to begin, Neji has a heart to heart with Nisaka about his feelings for the girls.

E10 | A Love to Give Everything For

Shuu tries to shed light on Misaki's situation to Ririna and Neji, she also reveals more about the notices and its origins.

E11 | I Don't Care If It's A Lie

Feelings start to be questioned when the gang ends up at a wedding, and Misaki can't help but wish for a lie of her own.

E12 | Love And Lies

Naji is forced to face his growing feelings for Ririna head on. With so much on the line, what will happen when these emotions finally start clashing?



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