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Kill Me Baby

Season 1

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  • Versions: Home Video (TV-PG)
  • Audio: English Japanese
  • Subtitles: English

Kill Me Baby

Season 1 | 13 Episodes

E1 | Sneaking Dog, Blossoming Cherry

Sweet and simple Yasuna and her classmate/international assassin Sonya have a tough challenge when a dog wanders into their classroom.

E2 | Nunchaku Skills Bear Balloon

Yasuna attempts to learn the sacred art of nunchuks just as she and Sonya encounter an escaped beast. Later, a young girl convinces the pair to play with her.

E3 | Cursed Psychic Rain Wrestling

Yasuna tries her hand at mystic voodoo and psychic powers. A red haired girl looks to get revenge on poor Yasuna and Sonya for rejecting her from the main cast.

E4 | Ice Cream Scream Watermelon

Hot Summer days call for ice cream, beaches and watermelon treats. The fun in the sun stops when an unknown assassin targets Sonya.

E5 | Buggy Festival Sea Dolls

Yasuna tries to get Sonya into bug catching. Later the pair head to an outdoor festival, and a trip to the beach finds them stranded with no help in sight.

E6 | Navel Mechanism Paper Doll Ice

Yasuna gets a sudden craving for shaved ice and enlists Agiri to help find some. Afterwards, Yasuna and Sonya visit Agiri in her house full of hidden traps.

E7 | Culture Beanbag Jousting Duel

Yasuna tries to come up with a great idea for the culture festival, but Sonya is once again of no use, except when it comes to besting Yasuna at juggling.

E8 | Sticking, Strumming, Stabbing

Yasuna finds herself stuck in a strange place while trying to prank Sonya. Later, the pair mess around with instruments and engage in a game of darts.

E9 | Fishing Hammer's Spawn Branch Forgotten

Both Yasuna and Sonya have misplaced their things, and set out to search for them. They later find an enemy assassin instead.

E10 | Santa Icicle Snow Mantra

Yasuna catches a cold after frolicking in the snow, much to Sonya's annoyance. The girls later have a confusing Christmas party.

E11 | Bath Kite Rice Cake New Year's First Dream

Yasuna tries her hardest to get Sonya into making mochi with her. The pair then find themselves in a public bath together.

E12 | Drowsy Chocolate Injury Compress

Yasuna believes that if she wraps herself in bandages, future injuries wont affect her. Sonya tries to catch up on rest, but Yasuna won't let her.

E13 | Make the Kill Me and Make Me Your Baby

Yasuna and Agiri hold a birthday party for Sonya without knowing her actual birthday. Later Yasuna admits to Sonya something that she worries about constantly.



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