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Season 1

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  • Versions: Broadcast (TV-14)
  • Audio: Japanese
  • Subtitles: English


Season 1 | 12 Episodes

E1 | Prologue: As of Spring, This Guy Is…

Kurogo starts his goal of trying to start his kabuki club, but not everything runs as smoothly as he had hoped.

E2 | Act 2: Wisteria Grows in the Expression of My Love

Kurogo attempts to get a couple of new members to join him in his hopeful kabuki club. Is he able to convince anyone?

E3 | You say you do not know? Then let me tell you!

The hopeful kabuki club is looking for a costume designer. Will they find the right person and finally be able to start the group?

E4 | Stop , Stop! I'm Here to Stop You!

With the approval from the school, Kurogo finally has his kabuki group! Now they must prepare for their first show.

E5 | Hear ye, hear ye!

Akutsu saves the day with an incredible performance after Kurusu faints, but what does that mean for his place within the kabuki group?

E6 | Now, Upon Careful Consideration...

Kurusu comes up with the idea for everyone to have a stage name. Meanwhile, Akutsu is surprised by an intimidating visitor.

E7 | Stop a Moment, Stop a Moment!

Akutsu isolates himself in his room and ruminates over what happened in the past. Can the rest of the gang remind him of his importance?

E8 | The Moon is Clouded Over...

The kabuki group is busy preparing for their Kochi Fest performance. Meanwhile, Kurogo gets an unexpected visitor.

E9 | I Jumped In to Intervene...

The kabuki group starts attempting to get more members. Meanwhile, Akutsu is struggling with his studies which could impact his involvement.

E10 | Family is Eternal, But a Man Lives Only an Age

The kabuki club celebrates finals being over! Akutsu gets some help in unraveling the secrets of his heritage from an unlikely source.

E11 | These Five Thieves Lined Up Here

The kabuki club is presented with an interesting proposition by the boys' gymnastics team: a joint presentation for the new student welcome party! How does it go?

E12 | Although It Is Absurd that I Should Have to Say My Name...

Kurusu, Tonbo, and Akutsu try one last time to convince Ebihara to join the kabuki club. Will they succeed?



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