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K-ON! Season 1

Season 1

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  • Versions: Home Video (TV-14)
  • Audio: English Japanese
  • Subtitles: English

K-ON! Season 1

Season 1 | 13 Episodes

E1 | Disband the Club!

Just starting high school, Yui is having trouble fitting in and decides to join the light music club. But first, she must buy and learn guitar.

E2 | Instruments!

Yui wants a guitar that's too expensive, so the band girls get part-time jobs to save up for the guitar... but Yui might actually get it through a twist of fate.

E3 | Cram Session!

It's time to take midterm exams, but Yui is so busy practicing guitar that she ends up failing. She must pass the retest or the band must breakup.

E4 | Training Camp!

Mio is inspired by finding a tape from the previous club's performance, and gets the band together to practice over the summer for an upcoming school festival.

E5 | Advisor!

Three days left 'til the music festival, and the girls are still not officially recognized as a club. Ritsu blackmails a previous club member to be their advisor.

E6 | School Festival!

The band performs at the school festival. Mio trips and exposes her underwear to the entire audience. She ends up getting a fan club but is scarred by the embarrassment.

E7 | Christmas!

It's Christmas time and Ritsu decides to hold a Christmas party at Yui's house.

E8 | Freshman Reception!

The second year of school begins! The Light Music Club tries to gather by any means necessary.

E9 | New Club Member!

Azusa Nakano joins the Light Music Club but realizes that the laid-back club might not be for her, and Azusa's membership is at stake.

E10 | Training Camp Again!

The girls go on another training camp with their new member. Despite Azusa's nagging, she's the one that plays the most.

E11 | Crisis!?

The annual school festival is getting closer and the Light Music club will be performing again... however, Mio and Ritsu get into an argument.

E12 | Light Music!

Yui catches a fever and is unable to practice for the festival. The club feels uneasy performing without her, but in the end everyone puts on a great performance.

E13 | "Winter Days"

Yui wants to enjoy hot soup with the other girls, but they're all busy! Will Yui be forced to spend the cold winter holiday alone?

OVA | "Live House!"

Ritsu's old middle school friend invites the band to perform at a live house on New Year's Eve. How will the evening pan out?



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